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tournament rewards

  1. Caribbean Kat

    Recruiting Phoenix Soaring seeking active members

    We have openings for players ready to SOAR in Tourny (bonus chests most weeks), Spire (monthly push events) and Fellowship Adventures (Rewards!). Get your trading, visiting and KP Swapping support in a friendly, helpful Fellowship. Open enrollment. All levels welcome. Daily players...
  2. Starship Phoenix is recruiting active players- Spire Gold & 13+ chests

    WEEKLY GOLD SPIRE AND 13 +CHEST STARSHIP PHOENIX RECRUITING FOR IMMEDIATE PLACEMENT Starship Phoenix (US 8 Har) is currently seeking members to join our 13+ chest and gold spire fellowship. Our awesome, friendly, supportive, team is committed to contributing to going above and beyond in the...
  3. Shadow Wolves -- 10+ chests -- several openings

    Shadow Wolves is looking to grow its membership. We would love to have more player interested in high achievement in Tournaments (we consistently get 11 chests and want more), Fellowship Adventures (we are a top fellowship for that), and Spire. In addition to continuing to progress in our...
  4. Tournament rewards.

    Tournament scores for the fellowship not the individual player. Recently we did a tournament and collected all ten chest. Then before the prizes where rewarded two players left. We weren't award the Blue prints. Now several players are asking why play if someone can leave and the rest don't get...
  5. Want to get rewarded for your efforts and have fun too? Spire and tourney active players needed.

    We get 10 chests in tourneys each week and want to hit the top spire rewards. If you like playing regularly and would like to get the rewards and growth with it, consider playing with us. Commonwealth is now number 4 ranked. We mostly joined when we were small and grew together. We are a true...
  6. Cayesavegan

    Anyone want to merge?

    Got a few players left in a dying guild? Merge with us! We could really use some players with marble, planks, silk, and gems. We are currently scoring at least 5 chests on the tournament but with some help we can get more. We take lower level players too but we could really use some established...
  7. FS going for 10th chest, what tour is best to try?(and other advice plz)

    Hello all! My FS is wanting to try for it(10th chest/blueprint), and need the advice of all you experts here! so Plz any advice or tips...lay them on me=)) like which tour is the easiest one to try and go all the way with? Thank you so so so much for any info<3 <3 <3
  8. [12243] Tournament rewards not consistant

    I was to get 6 plank relics at the end of the tournament and when I went to go see how many more I needed for the next boost it still said I needed 7. Does this mean I didn't actually get the reward?
  9. Tournament rewards

    I am puzzled about how the tournament rewards work It seems that the only ones that provide runes are the first 2 and all the others just provide relics and kp's. I made a real effort this tournament to reach level 4 in 6 provinces but while I got runes in level 3 and level 4 of the first 2...