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  1. mucksterme

    Dissed a Toad

    So I was seeing how boot camp was going for my army. I clicked on whatever that barracks is called where Toads train. ( I just think of it as "The Third One." ) Anyway, I accidentally clicked the " X " on one of the Toads waiting in line. He was right in the middle of the pack. It wasn't the one...
  2. Please Explain Training Speed

    When upgrading the barracks or the training grounds it tells you one of the improvements is the training speed will increase. For example it says it goes from 9 > 11. What does that mean? 9 what to 11 what? I have looked and can't seem to find an explanation. So if I were to upgrade my...
  3. Allow all 3 of the training camps to train 5 troops so you can train 15 groups not just 5

    One of the biggest problems I have faced in the tournaments is trying to train enough troops. I have my barracks upgraded as far as I can go and the other camps as well but it is hard to have to decide which group of units to train when I want groups from each camp. It would be really useful if...
  4. Army Camp tab

    I have just begun playing and was reading the Wiki and the Army Camp tab in the game is not the same as the one in the Wiki. I'm not sure what I'm looking at. In the wiki it shows a number of units (x150) and below that the number of squads (4.2) based on the squad size (36) shown above. In...
  5. Should I keep training armies if they no longer win battles?

    I'm talking a month or more. I do auto battle and I'm always defeated yet I keep training and spending supplies. The only time they ever won was the first 2 weeks of play. Thanks!
  6. Battle: Troop Training Costs

    I've established, to my satisfaction, that the Cost of Goods may be usefully represented asOverall Cost = Coins + 10*Supplies + 40*Tier1 + 160*Tier2 + 640*Tier3You can review the justification at https://en.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/market-value-ratio-highly-inaccurate.2296/#post-15948...