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  1. unit icon listing

    Is there a listing of the icons used for the individual units?
  2. Allow all 3 of the training camps to train 5 troops so you can train 15 groups not just 5

    One of the biggest problems I have faced in the tournaments is trying to train enough troops. I have my barracks upgraded as far as I can go and the other camps as well but it is hard to have to decide which group of units to train when I want groups from each camp. It would be really useful if...
  3. How to choose your units in battle

    Hi, I have finally decided to get the hang of fighting. I know how the battle pentagon works and what all the info means that the game gives you when you click the units. But I still have 1 question: how do you decide which unit to use for AUTO FIGHTING when they have the same amount of swords...
  4. (New) Combat System from Seasoned Gamers Perspective

    Note: This is my first Elvenar Forums post. I hope that the community is receptive to my at times blunt observations and ideas without any hard core trolling. My motives are pure; I simply would love to see Combat/Battle Meta changes as I am very passionate about combat. I began to play Elvenar...
  5. dismissing units

    New troops, new squadsizes, new tactics needed. Why not add another feature: dismiss troops. My suggestion is to make it possible to dissmiss troops by selling them, per squadsize (so this will per player depend on what squadsize he has unlocked at that point). Probably for about half the...
  6. Do military units regenerate when out of combat?

    After each battle, I find some of my units (at times all) dead or injured to a greater or lesser degree. I use the diamonds option to heal or revive units I have been granted but cannot create yet (like golems) but have not been healing slightly wounded army units when I can produce more of...