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  1. Minor change to production pop up

    I have an idea to make a minor change to the pop up boxes when you mouse over productions. Instead of: Workshop Production number of goods produced progress bar I would like to see the "Production" either replaced with WHICH production it is, or have that added. I don't remember what my...
  2. New player (dumb?) question

    Hi. I've only been playing for awhile and this forum has already answered a lot of my questions but.... I've been making all this stuff in my workshops. I can't find anywhere that it gives me an inventory listing of the stuff I've been making (groceries, tools, etc) nor can I figure out what to...
  3. Didn't get service credits from Workshop inKhelonaar

    Game world: Khelonar Browser + version: Torch Flash Player version: __ Operating System: Windows 7 Screen resolution: 1600 x 900 Account name: JeanG Humans or Elves: _Elves_ Reproducibility: _1_/5 (1/5 = happened once; 2/5 = happens randomly; 3/5 = happens sometimes; 4/5 = happens...