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✨ Seeking new members MARBLE, SILK & ELIXIR needed ✨


Are you here looking for a new FS? Are you a large city 250k points or better? Are your boost in Marble, Silk and Elixir?
Then search no more, this is the FS for you!

Most of our cities have been with us for years; we are drama free and low stress. We trade often and kick it up in the chat room. Active in spire, 8th chest or better in the tournaments.

We are a teaching and learning FS where all have a say.. so come check us out, we are saving a spot for you.

Please contact the AM or one of the mages before the next tournament begins!!
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Realm of Tranquility is awesome! great tourneys and spires, always finish the FA, and no pressure. Just need a few good elves or humans to move the FS to the next level.
Still looking for 1 or 2 active tourney players. We a a fabulous fellowship, and we have the best marble, from Italy. Our gems... you will be speechless. If you have colorful silk, we would love to have you.
it would be great to find a player with lots of spire enthusiasm.
we regularly get 10 tourney chests with awesome prizes, and loves getting those goodies every week. We are growing fast, and are already eagerly awaiting the next FA because some of us have missing seahorses.
please consider joining us :)


We made some changes and are now seeking a large city with marble, silk and elixir to help balance us out. Come on over and have a cup of tea. ❤️