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10 chests, good people


Well-Known Member
Old Souls is expecting an opening. We're looking for an experienced player boosted in elixir or gems.

We're an active, engaged group. We do 10 tournament chests and spire rewards to at least the second diamond level every week. We also enjoy the FA and recently finished 3rd.

We don't have weekly minimums or many rules (though we do limit cross-tier trades). Instead, we've built a strong team where people enjoy the game and contribute because it's fun. That means that most of us knock it out of the park most of the time, and when one of us needs a break it's no biggie. We enjoy a friendly competition, but in a supportive environment.

If this sounds like a good fit, message Kekune here or in-game.


Well-Known Member
Our expected opening is now an actual opening.

We're taking a slow-growth approach to the spire. We're currently hitting 9 of 12 group rewards each week, with a handful of folks consistently at the top. We'll keep growing, and could be a good fit for someone who's willing to keep chipping away at it but isn't ready for 3 floors every week.