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100% Spire!! All 25 made it!


Active Member
As with most things in the game, things change, players move on and a new week brings new challenges lol
This week we went back to our normal gold week; 21 at the top, 2 just shy of the top (got busy with work and ran out of time), and 2 openings. There's always next week!

Thank you all for the encouragement and discussion!


Chef, Scroll-Keeper, Buddy's #1 Fan
WTG Hawk! We have done it with 23, but we didn’t have more than 23 players to pull a 25.

( It was a good week for my Fellowship; "we" all got genies! :) )
Wow, that’s a pretty difficult feat! So...what did you guys do to appease the RNG gods, and does it work for the MA too? Asking for a friend...


Oh Wise One
That's great! However, if you have 25 members, you might want to remove the (Recruiting) off your fellowship name.

A lot of fellowships leave the "recruiting" sign out even if they have 25.
Sometimes they leave inactive players on the roster until they find a replacement.
Not sure why, guess they care about rank.
Other times they have a player who has announced they are leaving but will stay until a replacement is found.
I'm sure there's other reasons.