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[19835] Sets Linking with Each Other


Senior Forum Moderator
Elvenar Team
You know I thought about letting it go but just wait for the nerd rage when they fix it later after people got happy, better to do it now and minimize the rage. ;)
I am glad that you have reported the bug prior to all the nerd rage :p It is a known bug, and it is being looked into.
To add a third option for Soggy:
3. It is not intentional, and it is being looked into :p


Updated with JIRA #19835
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Lord Draconian

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My Robert Readbeard's Armchair and and Robert Readbeard's Kitchen are not linking to each other :( is this being looked into as well?
Have not heard of that one yet... are they touching each other? Because the link only works if they are. Otherwise file a support ticket.


Active Member
Is this intentional or should the Redbeard Set not link with the Winter Set?
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It is not intentional, but I believe the devs should NOT try to fix it. Very disappointing that the winter set buildings, when put in the configuration the devs recommended, did NOT give full bonus. I have gotten full bonus with 3 winter buildings bracketed by redbeard buildings, for a max bonus on 5 buildings, and I wish they would leave it alone!


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They are touching and both are also touching the path as well. How do I file a support ticket?
Be aware that if both redbeard bldgs are together and on a road, they will still only show the bonus number in effect when you collect it.