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2021 Autumn Zodiac discussion


Platinum Leaf -FB

Read all about the version that we had in Beta server here (Google Doc not Facebook): https://tinyurl.com/aj6k4mnb


First of all, I want to mention that I'm the guy who's always excited about these events. Of course there must be many people like me out there, but I'm probably a little more vocal than them - that's all. :)

So, I'm ready for it. I have three cities at the moment, one started on Christmas and two initiated right before the Sorcerers' Homecoming. I kind of already planned what I want to acquire and what I am going to do with this stuff.

I'm satisfied that the event main building is a 3x3 structure. A great advantage of the extra vision vapor is that I will get to obain Mystical Objects more frequently.

The only possible issue is that I may be travelling during the event, at least partially. My family loves to travel. (Not myself, but I enjoy being with my family, of course.) It is not necessarily a drawback because I was traveling most of duration of the last event as well and there were no problems. I managed to get the buildings I wanted, troops instants and KP instants. It was great. I want to repeat the experience.

The Unbeliever

Well-Known Member
Does anyone have a countdown timer this time?
Did you read the announcement at all? Sept 7th - it's still a week away and you want the countdown timer already?! Just relax, it should pop up sometime on Sat/Sun.

Training Dojo is the 'head-and-shoulders above the rest' top building to chase in the dailies... Free troops is almost always a major win (unless it's 'free' Light Melee which are beyond useless), but also being free daily pick-ups of the best Light Ranged option in the game?! YES!!:D:D

Honestly, while it's not the greatest feeding bonus in the world, the real hidden gem of the Red Panda Master will be to feed him once or twice as you play through the initial sequential quest line of events, as those +3VV's will absolutely make those quests far less of a complete clusterfeth!
...how many times for example, do you hit a horrific "scout province OR gain 15-20VV's" quest, yet the only craftable options are a bunch of 1-3VV garbage? Or how many times are you wasting a whole day scrapping together 15-20VV's, and then your final 1-2 you get nothing but recipes giving out 4-5+ VV's?!
Red Panda Master will nuke that stupidity, thank-god!


Flippers just flip
Did you read the announcement at all? Sept 7th - it's still a week away and you want the countdown timer already?! Just relax, it should pop up sometime on Sat/Sun.
Thank you! I did read the announcement. I have never had an event countdown timer. I want to know if others get one this time.

Enevhar Aldarion

Oh Wise One
Royal prizes include moonstone. What are they?

The list that Jack shared are the prizes for someone in chapter 12, so it includes sentient goods for him. For someone in an earlier chapter, it will only be normal goods. I don't know why he did not edit the list for that.