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2D City Display option


Dear Elvenar,

Frequently, I can't see what is occupying squares in my city because the 3D art (which is beautiful btw) obstructs the view. I realize that when moving a building, the other buildings become semi-transparent, but even then you can't always see a small decoration hidden behind a larger building.

In other games I have played, the designers added a 2-d option which would draw each building as a rectangle, show the grid, and the rectangles may or may not have some sort of description (or icon to represent it), or in some cases, clicking on the rectangle would show the 3d version of it in a semi-transparent fashion.

The main irritant is that I have a hard time selecting / seeing a building, and determining if I have free space or do I still have a leftover 1x1 or 2x1 building there.



this is another reason why rotation of buildings would help the game


That will never happen it's part of Inno's stated challenge.


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this is another reason why rotation of buildings would help the game
Nope, rotation would completely destroy part of the challenge. At certain upgrade levels your buildings will change size, shape, and orientation- the challenge comes from having to fit the new building in your city. For example, going from level 19 to level 20 on a plank factory looks like this:

If you were allowed to just rotate it back, there'sd be no point.


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+1 on the 2d option. This transparent thing doesn't work when you are trying to sell extra roads. It actually doesn't work on sell at all, and we also need to see better for selling.