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3 level zoom out


  • yes?

    Votes: 17 94.4%
  • no? - why not?

    Votes: 1 5.6%

  • Total voters


as we play the world map with neighbours get bigger.

and so regardles of the screen player use, there will be a time where the map is hard to manuwer in.

So the solution is easy: make an zom out option of 3 level:
70% of current size
40% of current size


It would really be nice to be able to see the complete city on the screen. Make an option to zoom further away. It would be easier to find my neighbors' and fellows' Builder's Hut, Culture features and Ancient Runes. This would make it easier to be able to give neighborly help especially to players who are advanced in their cities.


I really like the idea, I am getting to the point to where I gotta actually start scrolling and I imagine as people who have massive amounts of space more than me must feel frustrated with how much space they gotta scroll through to see everything. Maybe make it so that you can see your whole map that is revealed and maybe a few spaces out from there too.


I voted no because it is possible already
Try holding Ctrl while you turn the mouse wheel
Yes, if you are on a PC or use a mouse on your laptop. Not everyone has a wheel mouse, many on laptops have only a mouse pade, which can be awkward enough. An in game zoom button set to specific levels or even a small side slider would make life easier for folks who are not as computer savvy and don't know all the easy hacks out there, and for laptop users w/o a mouse at all, much easier than having to manually adjust browser zoom constantly while they do visits and work provinces.

Not a difficult addition to the game to make it more user friendly. Perhaps a small thing that some may see as unnecessary, but sometimes small things are what provide some players more ease and pleasure in a game, and that tends to boost player loyalty to a game. :)


I dont have a mouse. I'm playing on a laptop and only have one big touchpad... even adjusting the zoom on my browser doesnt affect how much I can see of my city at a time. the level 3 zoom would be amazing :D


Thanks, learned something new today!

Lol! There's a ton of hacks and shortcuts if you Google and can remember them all And HotKeys... the game has several. They can be helpful, or annoying (Thought you were in chat and missed that you had no cursor in the text field? Then typed a letter and were transported to the tech tree?)

Not really that helpful IMO, unless you prefer keystrokes to clicks...


Something akin to this is exactly what I was coming here for. City maps I would like one more level outward (I have kept it zoomed out since after the first few days of play) - it certainly is aggravating when trying to locate where to best give neighborly help. The world map is where my large frustration is though. I want to have a better understanding of where I am expanding and what my scouting options are. Also, I have scouted and then "lost" provinces multiple times because I just hadn't happened to scroll that direction for a while.

Note: also a laptop player, so no mouse to use a scroll wheel on


New Member
I, too, am on a laptop and can't zoom out on the World Map. It would be helpful to zoom out so that I can see what direction I want to move next, as well as just see the overall area I've Scouted.


Other than the browser zoom, nobody can zoom on the world map. Chrome does it best, Firefox less so.

You can use the browser menu to zoom, even if you don't have a mouse wheel.