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A Better Spire

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@ajqtrz ,

I'm not saying let players attack each other, so its not total PvP....
but if , on equal terms , players could do a tourn, without losing
huge chunks of troops, it would make for a fun Saturday/Sunday
afternoon for a few hours ( and would be challanging )

The Current game AI is so predictable its horrible....


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I've deleted the poll for now, when you're ready to vote on this, edit your initial post and @helya me and I will add it again.

Also - the spire prizes are not meant to all be great, each chest has one "good" prize, which is the one with the lowest % chance of winning. I personally am in the "more spell fragments and fewer portal profits, please" camp, but I can tell you from the support tickets we receive that there are just as many players begging for more portal profits and fewer spell fragments.
I logged on just to see how far this post fell, so it’s reallycool that this is still going! And thank you for commenting!!!!!!!! I will revise when ready!!! Also thanks for the feedback!
Not open for further replies.