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A Place To Grow is recruiting

Tink 12

New Member
We are a small but very active team looking for more active players. A friendly group asking that you participate in team events and remain active. We are currently on chest 6 in the current tournament - come on board and help us get to 10!! Steel boosts would be a plus. Please message me in game - Tink 12

Tink 12

New Member
We are not so small anymore but still have room for a few more players. We have added some great new folks and would like to find just a few more active players. With just about an hour left in the adventure, we are in 39th place and very proud of it. :) Message me if you want to be part of this great team.
Tink 12


New Member
A little update!

Years go by, and the fellowship has grown a lot since the first post; in fact, we renamed it to "A PLACE THAT GREW".

Since last summer, we consistently achieve 10 tournament chests every weeks and clear easily the first level of spire, sometime aiming for the second.

We have regular participation in AW knowledge points letter chains and great participation in all events.

Lastly, our fellowhip is level 9, and it's groing fast!

Any consistent player is welcome to join us, there will be a spot pretty soon!