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A question about Expansions


Hi -

I know you're building the game as we play, but I'm nearing the end of the chart and I'm finding that there are only two expansions showing but I have around 10 available spaces. Are you going to extend the game that far or is there some way I can get another expansion or two in some other way?



If you watch the March InnoGames promo, the brief glimpse of Chapter VII tech tree has a couple more expansion techs.


Well-Known Member
You also get expansions for conquering provinces. Depending on how big your explored area is, it might take 7, 8, or more provinces to gain an expansion. According to the Wiki, you can gain up to 64 expansions but you would have to conquer 500 provinces to get there. I currently have 200 provinces and got 32 expansions for it. This is very important to players like me that are not spending diamonds to get expansions.