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Allow Automatic movement to a better position ....


"better position", what a crock. I have been shifted from a position where I had numerous active trading partners to a new position where no one trades goods. Totally unacceptable.

Why have an action that causes utmost disruption, that can't be reversed.

Extremely poor design, IMHO.

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Playing a bit of devil's advocate, the relocation functionality probably looks at things besides trades when determining who to move and where to move them to. I'd be surprised if market activity was even considered at all, to be honest. Does sound like a bad situation for you, but perhaps you could try joining a fellowship? I guessed that you're not in one since it sounds like you rely a lot on trading with neighbors. Fellowships are a pretty hassle-free way to immediately expand your ability to trade without worrying about being near active players or dealing with trader fees!


Oh Wise One
My understanding is the only factors in relocation to a better location is closer to the middle and same boosts. The theory is if they keep moving active people towards the middle it will be better. Sadly they failed to account for protected towns that people leave over time, so there are also lots of inactive people regardless of middle or edge.


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I was an active trader in my old location quite awhile ago and still got moved to the very end of the world map. I am still there and everything to my south and west are are gold mines. If it were not for my FS taking my trades I would be stalled and stagnant, growth wise. Now I do what I can to help those around me so they are not stuck as I could have been, FS members or not. I turned off the move option (not happy with how it moved me still) and developed some relationships with the people arounf me.
My motto for this game is "Adapt and Move Forward."


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@Mykan I think that's probably what dtermines the WHERE when it comes to moving, but what about the WHO? What determines who gets moved into a given spot if there are multiple players who have those boosts? Or perhaps eligible players simply leapfrog into each others' old spots based on whoever was closest to the middle? What even determines whether a player moves in the first place? I've never been moved myself, also never seen any gold mines/empty spots around me, but I have observed several of my neighbors move over time. I only noticed that they moved because, interestingly, it was only a few spaces, a couple of them moving from several rings away to now being right next to me. I take this to mean that I must be very close to if not at the center of Arendyll, but I still think it's weird that there are still people moving around me while I'm staying put. Not that I'm complaining since I'm in a great spot!


Oh Wise One
@Mykan I think that's probably what dtermines the WHERE when it comes to moving, but what about the WHO? What determines who gets moved into a given spot if there are multiple players who have those boosts?

The only information I had read for who was the distance from the middle. So if the entire world is 200 rings and your at 190 then you will move before someone at distance 100. Someone had posted at one point where the middle on each world was, so it was possible to get a sense of your distance from the middle. If towns are both at distance 190 with same boost, then I have no idea how they determine who goes first.

Now my numbers above are pretty small as I think towns even 100 rings form the middle don't move much (based on experience in one or two worlds). My current town has a number of goldmines but they seem to get filled more often with brand new players then with moving in active ones from the edges. That is the other complexity and bottleneck as most of the new players become goldmines in time only to become brand new towns that become goldmines, etc etc.