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Am I right for you ??

I am looking for a FS here in Sinya. the FS I am looking for will be an active - yet casual one. Active in the tournaments ( 5 chests plus is preferred)- yet it will not require a minimum amount of points for the tourney. My boosts are steel, crystal, and elixer and I am at 748% boost of all 3. I do more than the minimum for the tourney and also play the spire up to the first boss. The fs also should have at least 1 very active form of kp swap - I need that to continue working on my AW's. If I meet your criteria - please send an invite along with a message to the same name in game- and thanks for your consideration


New Member
Hi, Willie!

I think you might fit in well with The Landsraad! We seem you match your playing style criteria well! I've sent you a message and invitation in-game.


New Member
Willie If you have not found your home, Canadian Bacon would love to have you! We currently try for 7-10 chests every third week in the tournaments, no minimum, just do what you can! We also have many active KP threads 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 50 and 100. I will send you an ingame message! :)