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Ancient Wanderers KP Club


Disclaimer: We're waiting for Knowledge Point award packets and an Ancient Wonders history tab before we kick things into high gear. As a temporary measure we'll be asking each participant to WAIT an extra day when their AWs level, for the paperwork to catch up, before they upgrade to their next level.

For the interim, we'll contact anybody who contributes 6 or more KPs to a designated AW, and will include them in the rotation if they wish to participate in the club. Otherwise we'll simply leave it up to the beneficiary whether, or not, they want to reimburse the unsolicited contribution.

The developers have also indicated that all of the Knowledge Points contributed to Ancient Wonders will contribute to your global score. This would make Ancient Wonders more attractive, but additional scoring would not change the actual contribution mechanics.

Mission: The Ancient Wanderers KP Club is an umbrella fellowship for the reciprocal development of Ancient Wonders.
  • If you wish to participate in our AW KP Club, you will be expected to contribute 6/24=25% of your daily KP allowance to the reciprocal development of our targeted Ancient Wonders, including your own designated Ancient Wonders.
  • While we don't have any daily minimums nor maximums, you're expected to average at least 7*6=42 KPs per week, counting only the contributions that actually level a targeted and/or designated Ancient Wonder.
  • We do allow a bit more slack for folks who are working on the most recently released chapter in the Research Tree, because we're aware that as soon as they reach the end of the technology tree they will, once again, be contributing MOST of their KP allowance to the reciprocal development of their Ancient Wonders.
Opting In: If you are contributing to our targeted Ancient Wonders we'll be tracking your contributions. Once you have established a 42 KPs per week contribution pattern, you can Opt-In to our KP Club, we'll in fact be contacting you and encouraging you, and we'll immediately credit your account for your recent contributions and include your designated Ancient Wonders in our target rotation.

Communications: While you certainly may join the actual Fellowship, for access to an few additional trading partners, Ancient Wonders are not really Fellowship dependent. You're welcome to participate in our KP Club regardless of your fellowship membership.
  • We use a Skype Group for most of our coordination.
    You may join by clicking on https://join.skype.com/BVZvlGw09kRv
  • We'll report our daily target status here in this thread.
    (Neither Skype nor the in-game messages provide formatting for tabular data.)
  • Once every few weeks we will post a complete list of all current participants, and their status.
Theory: If you want to study our underlying principles in greater detail and/or download a copy of the Excel 2013 spreadsheet that we use to track AW KP Club contributions, you're invited to take a close look at https://us.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/knowledge-point-clubs-an-analysis.1136/. Stated briefly
  • Your Account Balance is your TOs minus our FROMs
    • Your account balance will climb, slowly, as you contribute to other targeted and/or designated AWs
    • Your account balance will drop, rapidly, when we target your AWs, and pile on
  • Your Credit Limit, which reduces your Goal, is your average weekly Contribution Rate
  • Your Goal is the number of points remaining in (each of) your designated Great Building(s) minus your Credit Limit
  • PileOn = Account Balance - Goal
Consequences: You may designate any or all of your Ancient Wonders. We'll sort the available AWs by their PileOn value, and target enough AWs to both provide a bit of variety and to cover our needs for a couple of days. Your contributions will shift the PileOn values as follows.
  • Contributions to non-designated AWs are ignored. We won't even look at them on a daily basis. The one exception is that we'll include partial AW levels when somebody joins the AW KP Club.
  • Contributions to designated, but non-targeted, AWs that belong to other participants will
    • Raise your own TOs, and thereby your PileOn value.
    • Raise the owner's FROMs but lower the owner's Goal by that same amount, so the owner's PileOn value won't change.
    • If you're jumping the gun, usually because you're chasing a particular type of Rune Shard, that investment will take longer to yield dividends and the Return on those Invested KPs will suffer.
  • Contributions to your own designated, but non-targeted AWs, will
    • Raise your TOs and your FROMs, so your Account Balance won't change.
    • Lower your Goal, and thereby improve your PileOn value.
    • Contributing to your own AW is actually a pretty decent tactic, up to 34% of the points, and especially so when you simply don't have enough time to select a new target, or if you want to wait for the next round of targets.
    • If you don't contribute anything to your own AWs, then the smallest of your levels will always have the lowest Goal, and thereby the highest PileOn value.
    • You can "select" your preferred AW by contributing enough points to ensure that it has the lowest Goal, or you may prefer to designate only those of your Ancient Wonders that you wish to level.
  • Contributions to targeted buildings will provide the quickest dividends, and thereby the highest Return on your Invested KPs. Once an AW is targeted it will always remain targeted until it levels; in fact we'll take remedial action if it stalls. Targeted contributions will
    • Raise your TOs, and thereby your PileOn value and queue position
    • Raise your average weekly contribution, and thereby your Credit Limit
    • Raise the owner's FROMs, and thereby lower their PileOn value for the next round.
    • Raise the owner's Goal, because their next level will obviously be larger, and thereby lower their PileOn value for the next round.
Tactics: Reverse Chicken is a harmless, but surprisingly interesting mini-game that encourages you to dig a bit deeper when you have an opportunity to capture one of the top five award slots.
  • Knowledge Points from Tournaments (soon™) and KP award packets (hopefully someday) will allow you exercise some tactical choices. The procedure for capturing a desired award xlot is to
    Jump contribute HALF of the (Remaining point in the level, minus your lead, plus your lag).
  • Don't be a dandelion, with points scattered everywhere. Your best tactic is to focus on one targeted AW at a time, and contribute a portion of your daily allowance until you decide to break out of the pack and jump capture an award slot by using Tournament KPs (soon™) and/or KP Award Packets (hopefully someday), and then drop back to a portion of your daily allowance until the AW levels and you can collect your dividends, and compound them by reinvesting them.
  • If someone burns through all of their spare KPs during the current round, then they'll be toast during the next round, so the awards actually average out quite nicely.
  • Dividend KPs, equal in number to 10% of the points in the level, are distributed 1/2+1/4+1/8+1/16+1/32, rounded down to a multiple of 5, to the top 5 contributors (other than the owner).
  • Rune Shards, equal in number to the level number, are distributed round robin to the top 5 contributors (other than the owner).
  • Because of the Reverse Chicken contribution dynamics, a typical top 5 profile is 45%+30%+15%+6%+4%, so if you simply go with the flow the dividends are nicely proportional to the contributions.
Churn: Credit Limits make the AW KP Club fairer, and much easier to manage.
  • Applicants must indicate their interest by contributing to our targeted Ancient Wonders. In fact we'll contact new contributors and encourage them to join the AW KP Club.
  • While they're still plumping up their weekly average, their Goal(s) will be very nearly all of the remaining points in their AW level(s). The AW KP Club is therefore assuming very little risk.
  • The PileOn value for an established contributor will pretty much sawtooth between plus a half level and minus a half level. We're anticipating that they will continue to contribute at their current rate, so their risk, and the club's risk, averages out to zero.
  • If somebody is backing off, or has decided to put most of their KPs into their Technology Tree for a while, then they'll end up with a lower Credit Limit and will consequently need a higher Account Balance to cover their Goal(s). This lowers their PileOn value, so they won't get another turn any time soon, which somewhat insulates the AW KP Club from losses when somebody wanders off.
  • There are no daily Knowledge Point contribution minimums nor maximums, other than the expected average contribution rate of at least 6/24=25% of your daily KP allowance. However, if somebody has contributed very few KPs during the past 4 weeks then we'll suspend their Ancient Wonders until they indicate that they are, once again, interested in the reciprocal leveling of their Ancient Wonders.
(Last Revised on 5/7/16)
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