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Ancient Wonders and Non Active Members


Perhaps an addition to the game would be if a member is expelled for non activity, then the knowledge points be returned to the player who donated them. Chances are that if the member is not active in the fellowship these points will never produce the rewards for the donations.


This is the 3rd thread I've read in this section titled "Implemented Ideas and Suggestions" and none of them have been implemented. wth?

Is this like those rock star concerts they have on soap operas where the guy can't sing worth a shirt but we're all supposed to pretend like he's great?

I like this game, but c'mon - we're not THAT stupid.


Oh Wise One
The developers don't participate. The moderators have exactly one option: look at the list of things we are planning, and if the suggestion is there, archive it. I interpret the implemented as "An idea that is similar to this has been forwarded to the developers who have not yet rejected it"
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implemented = not yet rejected

At least that makes sense in a convoluted sort of way.

I was going by the standard definition of implemented. Silly me!