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Ancient Wonders Ancient Wonders


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You can find Ancient Wonder Knowledge in this thread. If you have a link or guide you'd like added, please let the Tutorial Scroll Keeper know!

Direct Link Elvenar wiki Ancient Wonder page.
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Work in progress. More will be coming soon. Fyi, anything from Elvengems only goes up to chapter 14 and is dated.

About Ancient Wonders basic information for wonders. (Elvengems)

More Details for Ancient Wonders
more in-depth info. (Elvengems)

Ancient Wonders Breakdown

Elvenar Ancient Wonders Compendium- Specs and Quality’s

The Secret Ancient Wonders
Ancient Wonders of Tempest
Elven Ancient Wonders
Human Ancient Wonders
The Forgotten Ancient Wonders
Dwarven Ancient Wonders
Fairies Ancient Wonders
Orcs and Goblins Ancient Wonders
Woodelves Ancient Wonders
Sorcerer's & Dragons Ancient Wonders
Halflings Ancient Wonders
Elementals Ancient Wonders
Amuni Ancient Wonders
Constructs Ancient Wonders
Elvenar Ancient Wonders
Embassies Ancient Wonders
Traders of Unur Ancient Wonders
Team Spirit Ancient Wonders​
Revenge of the Exile
The Power of Music
Comparison Guide to see differences and similarities for Ancient Wonders. (Elvengems)

Reward Charts - Ancient Wonder chest rewards explained. (Elvengems)

Runes - description of runes and how they work. (Elvengems)

Runes and Rune Shards Video - video showing how it all works. (Elvenar Platinum Leaf)

Tutorial Part 1 Video from Elvenar Official on Youtube.

Tutorial Part 2 Video from Elvenar Official on Youtube.[/INDENT][/INDENT]
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