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[application is withdrawn]Well experienced active player..looking for fellowship with Gold and Blueprint


New Member
I offer:
-Very active..
-Daily help
-4th chapter almost done..Rushing into 5th
-For me,3rd boss is a piece of cake
-Currently in silver spire fellowship...Gold's better..
-8 to 10 provinces to 6 star everytime. Elvenstats would show you the average..
-2star/3star [Not relying on cross tier soon. It's a plus for ya]
-Friendly of course.
-Boosted in steel/crystal/elixir
in FA's
-Active in KP threads..

Mis-lenaous (idk how to spell that)
-Used to play in arendyll in 2017
-PM in game or here..anythin you like..

I require: (just three things lol)

Aaand most importantly friendly fellowship members who are active and cheering

Reason for (going to, not left yet) leaving my previous fellowship: They think Gold is impossible, some are jealous etc etc

Grid Gypsy

Well-Known Member
No one thinks gold is impossible, nor is anyone jealous of you Sas. We just know it takes a newer fellowship time to work their way up to a full roster and gold. Good luck on finding a new group.