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[Archived 02/2020] News from Beta

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Dear Humans and Elves,

Since we are noticing more and more players discussing Beta on the US forum, we've decided to create a thread just for this news. This also means that, from now on, all other threads attempting to discuss our Beta version will be either merged with this thread, or will be locked and redirected here. That way, we have a single point on the forums where beta can be discussed.

This ensures that:
  • anyone who doesn't wish to read about Beta-related topics doesn't have to.
  • anyone who does want to read about Beta-related topics knows exactly where to look.
Should you feel that this single thread does not provide enough space for the discussion you want to have, we would like to encourage you to visit the Beta forum, which is dedicated to the Beta version, and offers more information.

We want to thank you for your dedication to Elvenar!


Set Designer
The change is needed for things like the winter star so that its upgrades do not get out of hand, but from what I hear on Beta, many people are suffering from a significant nerf. I think the one major factor to consider is whether this enchantment will be limited to the 10th tournament chest. Many fellowships may find themselves with less culture/population and not have a good foreseeable remedy without paying diamonds.
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Ex-Team Member
*tears off cloths and runs around in underwear in celebration*
OMG! OMG! OMG! Soooooooooo about bloody time we get this ability! I can now place my lovely little event buildings without fear of ever having to delete them. :D :D :D

*does a happy dance still in underwear*

Oh my...


Oh Wise One
The best answer is to start a city on Beta, then join the beta forums and express your concerns. It's not impossible that they will do more tweaks before going to live, but we probably only have a week, so the more feedback they get on the Beta forums, the better the chances are that they will make adjustments


Set Designer
In hind sight they probably should not have reused old buildings that they were going to nerf later. The father tree of candy canes in particular is causing the greatest amount of uproar. It was arguably the best pop and culture building of the winter event, because it was introduced the winter before when buildings for pop and culture were much better. Newer buildings, such as hazeltown, should not experience a rebalancing.


Wow, I'm glad I just sold off all of mine that I really liked but were outdated or I might have been encouraged to spend some $$$ LOL. I'll stick with trashing things for new things, this should have happened a year ago before we were all in that habit... I guess at least it will catch new players in it's trap which should be good for the Dev's. ;)

Deborah M

Oh Wise One
I'm thinking / hoping this really doesn't change anything for me. I sold off almost all older event items to make room for Elementals if not sooner. Since I'm looking forward to using a few blueprints when I have to upgrade all my blue buildings I don't think this will change much. Not a big deal. I like refreshing most of the Event buildings with new stuff anyway. What I really want is a way to upgrade premium buildings that I really like and don't want to part with even if it takes more diamonds.

The Unbeliever

Well-Known Member
It's good, but it's not that good. It's still a premium option. (Unless your FS is getting ten chests every week, in which case it's a bit less premium.)
My K-world fellowship have earned a few bp's, and we're getting closer and closer every month to becoming a routine 10-chest fellowship, so no problems there!

My E-world fellowship though struggle to get 4 chests on a weekly basis...
I'm still pretty happy overall though with my fellowship, and will probably only look to move into a more tournament focused fellowship once I reach say, WE's and mana becomes a thing. ;)


Well-Known Member
I shudder about waking up that day. I'm currently getting over 15,000 pop from 11 Glossy Gardens from last spring. meanwhile, I threw away 4 Blue Tree Enclosures recently because they weren't as useful. I fear I might be reassessing again, soon.

But, they might come back around again


Set Designer

Not as bad as I had thought it would be. It appears that the mana chapters were not given a huge boost in the old buildings, so scaling them back on the later chapters was not as bad as for the mid chapters.

Though, I would also disagree with something Soggy said on Beta. I do think a large gap between orcs and woodelves needs to be maintained by design. This is how the standard culture buildings work in the builder's menu, this is also how the residences work with little pop increase per square (orcs is the only chapter where an upgrade to a residence actually decreases population per square, which is then remedied by the next upgrade). Once you hit woodelves you enter a new realm where you are throwing mana in, and culture suddenly becomes bright as opposed to the orc's dark tone.


Mathematician par Excellence
Though, I would also disagree with something Soggy said on Beta. I do think a large gap between orcs and woodelves needs to be maintained by design.
I still see that design as being flawed. Based on everything I have read, orcs is not a very popular chapter. Even for the community based building I think chapter 8 got the fewest votes (can't seem to find the poll ATM)

It's also an even bigger drop in progress speed for most players than the first guest race.
There is just way too big a swing in chapter speed from fast&easy fairies to slow&grindy orcs. They sped up woodelves considerably with the introduction of awesome mana buildings every event, but orcs gets no love. worse than that it gets the heaviest nerf of all the chapters. That doesn't make sense to me.

I have no way of knowing how many players lose interest in each chapter, but if I had to guess, I'd say orcs is probably a big one, so making it even slower by nerfing efficient buildings in chapter 8 may be a mistake.

Even before this change, my recommendation to players in chapter 8 has been to spend all event currency on instants and military temp buildings because of what I see as unbalanced rewards, even though those prizes aren't exactly "fun". This nerf will certainly do nothing to change my advice.

Really the worst part about all of this is how much love Inno would have gotten if they didn't couple the announcement of giving us event upgrades with these nerfs. They always seem to do this.
Remember when almost every single wonder got a massive buff, but the only thing anyone talked about was having negative pop from the GA? That was done for balance too, but would giving the GA 200 more pop at the early levels have broken the game? And now, would not taking 20% off from chapter 8 rewards bork everything?

My prediction: we finally get this awesome feature we have been asking for, but first, instead of being cause for joyous celebration, the forums are flooded with players who suddenly have negative population.
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Risen Malchiah

Well-Known Member
I don't understand the need to nerf buildings in the dwarf, fairy and orc chapters. There are even a few where orcs gets a nerf and woodelves gets a boost, making the gulf that much wider. I think you're right and some players who may already be struggling in those early guest race chapters might be more inclined to stop playing.

I really don't understand why so many things have to be implemented in such a substandard way.


Well-Known Member
At first I really liked this new feature coming soon.
After reading at the huge amounts of +/- to some Culture, Culture/Pop buildings, I'm not so sure... :confused:

I figure, this is all being done due to being able to upgrade event buildings "soon" and a balance was required.
But, most people, like the ones who don't spend much $, or the ones who play at a relaxed pace, ie; 0 tournament hunting, well most of these folks will see a huge impact on their cities. And from the looks of it, it won't be a positive impact.

On the plus side, this might persuade people to participate more in Tournaments, to eventually get 10 Chest and be eligible of upgrading Event Buildings.
Sadly.. I don't see it happening in my FS and many others :(

As a player who has been rushing through solo events like a BOSS. I see myself slowing down for the future and not caring much anymore.
But we shall see... o_O

e - Wanted to add, this might also make people start spending $ or more $
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