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Found this under "Support"

Our Archmage is inactive, what can we do?​

When joining a Fellowship, get to know your Archmage, they are the highest ranking official in a Fellowship and should be dependable. If they are going to be away for a certain period of time, it is advised they have a back-up that will act as the Archmage in case anything unforeseen happens and they cannot return to the game.

If you have taken all the steps available to you to reach the Archmage without success, you may contact support and the support team will give the options that are available to you. It's easiest if the person contacting support is the highest ranking official under the Archmage that is active. This will speed up the process with our support services.


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The Arch mage of our guild has gone missing. There has been no activity in months. I would like to know if it is possible to get a different one.
An inactive AM is not a great sign of a functioning FS. You might want to also consider alternatives like finding a new FS or finding a new FS together with friends/actives in current one. It might not be worth salvaging current one. One common pitfall I see a lot is players over-staying a FS they have outgrown over some mistaken sense of loyalty. You don’t need to be loyal to a FS that doesn’t deliver the group experience you expect. It should be a two-way street. You put in your contributions to the FS and the FS gives back to you. Might be more efficient to jump off a sinking ship than hang on for another month before it sinks and you need to jump anyway. In this case, Elvenstats is showing only 4 of 19 are active. Whoever takes over as AM is just gonna be cleaning house or overlooking dead bodies.


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A common recruiting method is to identify fellowships with an inactive AM and recruit active members. If recruiters see that you personally are active and doing what you are able in Spire and Tournament you will likely get recruited.
And if you want to stick with your fellowship members, your best bet is to merge with another fellowship.