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Are battlefields the same for everyone? (Ans: NO).


Perhaps this is only possible for laptop users...
UPDATE #2: Battlefield layouts are not similar or predictable for corresponding cities.
Posting round 1 of province 27 of the current (silk) tourney for comparison. Let me know if your battlefield obstructions are the same.
(Incidentally my CAL determined battle ratio is 17233 vs. 30534. That will be different for everyone.)
My lineup is my choice - yours will be what you chose, enemy lineup likely chapter dependent.
Screenshot (584)B.jpg

UPDATE: we are finding, we think, that the opposition lineup depends upon the chapter (I am in 16) while the ratio depends upon the CAL.
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chapter 15 city (winy) round 1 province 27, silk


  • winyr1p27.jpg
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chapter 15 city (ceravyn) round 1 province 27, silk


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Yogi Dave

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Everyone has the same set of terrains, but which ones you get versus what someone else gets differs. Although the set of ones you get in a specific tourney seems to not be totally random. Some tourneys seem to have more disruptive ones. Scrolls have always seemed to have more tortured landscapes. But that is probably just a feeling since they come from before the change to tourneys not having specific enemies. Now, the whole thing just feels more chaotic.

Learning the terrain is the same for all six rounds of a prov in a tourney didn't mean much until I had a zero-cooldown period. Remembering what arena was in each prov round to round was not going to happen with this brain. Now it's nice to know the type such as a hedge in front of my troops and/or the enemy so I should mainly use frogs with a troop to pick off the enemy as they approach my line. That lets me do more auto-fights at the higher provs.