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Are unused badges carried over to next adventure


I've read in one place that unused badges can be carried over from adventure to the enxt. Then I read it could not. Now I'm hearing it is being allowed again. What is the verdict on this. Carryover or removed at the end of adventure?


Buddy Fan Club member
Use them or lose them. The rollover feature was only in the very first FA, but was removed due to the potential for abuse. So, old postings from the first FA may still say that, but it hasn't been that way for awhile.


Oh Wise One
Its so everyone starts at a fair and even place in terms of badges. Otherwise people could stockpile badges for large pushes in certain FA. This way it comes down to the current FA and your fellowship and its ability to produce and communicate at that point in time.


Some formal guidelines and actual documentation about the event from the dev team ought to be made available, indicating if you have X active fellows, with Y workshops and Z factories, this is what you can reasonably accomplish with actual people in a given time frame.
They never give this info, for any aspect of the game. Not for major events, not for FAs, not for guest race costs. Not sure why you think you're entitled to that here. Everyone is up against the same constraints of doing the research, communicating with members, and picking a strategy.
Besides, you know the general gist of the requirements, so people should have known well ahead of the actual beta launch:
-how much room do you have for level 1 buildings?
-do you have time/availability for short builds or long builds?
-are you willing to spend diamonds?
-how much do you care about winning Stage 1/2/3?
All of these questions have been static since FAs were announced.


Buddy Fan Club member
This structure (starting over from zero each time) actually works against mid / small research progression or sized fellowships.
Until larger fellowships exploit it. If this were like tournaments where any FS can get the prizes for the 10 chests if they put in the work, exploitation might be less of an issue. With the mechanics in the FA, only 3 FS can get the top rewards for this event, no matter how much work any FS puts in. So, until that is corrected, it would be foolish to put in a mechanic where stockpiling badges for future FA's is possible. I don't mind skewing the game a bit for the big diamond players as they make it possible for me to play at a reduced rate (or free if I wasn't so impatient, lol!). Stockpiling badges for the next FA wouldn't change anything except they'd have to spend less money on diamonds next time. Not really a good business model there...


Oh Wise One
This structure (starting over from zero each time) actually works against mid / small research progression or sized fellowships.
It also works against people building huge stockpiles of badges on push accounts during one FA, then moving into the primary FS just before the next adventure starts so they can use their push badges to improve the position of the other players.

It's also one more thing that the servers have to keep track of when players quit.

On the other hand, if they are destroying all badges of anyone who changes accounts, then it's one more reason that effectively locks players into their current fellowship since they might not want to waste their spare badges.

I'm wondering now if Olympic athletes who realize half way through their 100 meter sprint that they aren't going to win a medal, should be able to stop, and have that 50 meters as a head start in the next Olympics in 4 years?

It's a race. Starting each race clean is really the only reasonable way to run a race.
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Buddy Fan Club member
The problem with this as I see it, is if you have newer members in your fellowships without the space and they have the beginners Magic Factory, they can contribute very very little. The number of the tier one badges to get through this event is impossible for the fellowships with the smaller players. As I see it, there are going to be people kicked out of fellowships because they can't contribute as much as others. I have the priveledge of being the archmage of a fellowship full of wonderful people. They have LIVES. I cannot and willnot require that they spend the majority of their time to do an event such as this when it is clear that we cannot get through it without spending diamonds or creating cities that aren't for the game, but for the fellowship adventures. I understand the potential for hoarding badges for a big push in another adventure. I understand that no one who likes and plays this game for the sheer reason of entertainment wants to see push accounts. But if this is going to be the way of the future fellowship adventures, then the rewards are hardly worth the cost. KP rewards? really? I much preferred the rewards like the coins and time reducers and supplies. To give multiple KP rewards was really not worth it. It's not like the first two chests had anything all that great and we have no chance at the third.
Perhaps the left over badges could be added to the end result at the conclusion of the adventure and given points or something. Not that points and ranking really matter, at least not to me. I would like the rewards to be worth the cost, however.