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    Your Elvenar Team

Are you here looking for your new family? Para Bellum is waving you over. ;)


New Member
Do you like playing with friendly and caring others that do NOT do drama? Ones that like getting a blueprint with all the other 10 chest Tourney prizes? How about playing Spire and earning those diamonds in the Laboratory (and hoping to add Gold pushes when we have a full load ready to climb together)? And all of this without pressure and hard core minimums.

One of the nicest things about our FS is that the things mentioned above are not RULES and requirements or you get booted. They are from a FS that likes to work together as a team to help each other get further and enjoy the game more.

The biggest bonus for us would be a new family member that likes to chat and get to know each other (we are still pretty quiet but have a handful of us that like the interaction and would love to add new chatters, but not a requirement) and enjoys seeing everyone succeed.

If this sounds like a home you may enjoy being a part of, or even like to visit an see if you decide to stay; Para Bellum in Elcysandir on the US server has an open spot on the porch. Climb the stairs and join us for some friendly game play and chat. Send me a message or apply at Para Bellum