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Are you looking for a new home? Tired of all the demands? Come check us out!


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Pixie Dust is RECRUITING!
Want to be part of an amazing team?
Come Join us! Drama Free!
We work well together!

We need a Few More Active Players!

*********************** We still have a few open spots ****************************

We have 1 OPEN spot left on our team! Please apply directly or contact SnowdancerGrey or Canjuncutie5350 in the Khelonaar world we will send you an invite.. It may appear that we are full but we will get you added to our Fellowship!
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Still looking for active players? I am looking for an active FS. I play daily and Khelonaar is my 2nd world. I started with Ceravyn (6-7 months ago) and am already in Fairies. I would like to do the same with Khelonaar but if I cannot find an active FS then I fear I will have to scrap that world. Boosts are Marble, Silk, and Gems. I have only had this world since Thanksgiving and doing the Advanced Scout for Chap. 5 but finding it hard to do without active trades.My FS score is 15500.
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Hi.. I went to sent you an invite, but you are already in another fellowship.. You are more than welcome to send us an invite.. We would be happy to have you with us.


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❅•*❈❅•*❈❅•*❈We have have a few open spots❅•*❈❅•*❈❅•*❈

If we are what you are looking for, we would be Happy to get you added to our Fellowship !!
It may appear we are full but we still have a few inactive members.. you can directly apply or contact SnowdancerGrey or Canjuncutie5350 in the Khelonaar world..