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Arendyll Name Change for US1

Tauriel Dragonwood

Well-Known Member
Being an elf, I love the name change from US1 to Arendyll. Sounds like a place where elves can live in peace and harmony with nature. I wonder what our neighbors - the humans - think of the name change?


No problem with the new name here.
Having more enjoyment just playing at my own pace. Waiting for the fix of issues that are found by the players of the game, which is more important than the name right now.
The final product will make the game a good choice to play and I give InnoGames two thumbs up for their idea of making a non-war game to choose to play.
Don't believe me, just watch.


now it feels like I'm going somewhere that's not here.


:confused:It starts with the first letter of the alphabet, first in line for mail call, found on page 1 of the phone book, first contact seen on your cell phone…. I could go on but why I would ask?


Changing the name to Arendyll was just a matter of changing a line in the HTML I bet, so I wouldn't get in a huff as if they spent a long time doing it. The name itself sounds like a Homonym of Tolkiens: "Eärendil the Mariner" also evoked when using Galadrials magic light she gave to Frodo.