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Arendyll- wondering about options


Active Member
i have decent rank, have decent tournament scores, and have finished every spire so Far.
My Current guild seems tired of me, after 2-3 yrs. So- im wondering about a New Home.

I must have 10 chests, every week... Also looking for 9+ levels in Spire. Of course i contribute to these things, so please consider that. Also, I Get a lot of KP per Tournament, so Im interested in how you're set up for KP trading.

i Chat about the Game.. i Chat about Movies, HBO, and about being retired, ... And other stuff. Im just looking for Grownups that reply when they have something to say, who Let it go when they dont, and who throw out their own stuff whenever they have anything.

I could Move in a few Weeks, after careful consideration- or maybe tonight, after my AM sees this post.
Im not sure, but - But... If interested, please send me some words to look at. Thx,


Oh Wise One
I am Arch in a FS in Arendyll. We are a friendly, active bunch. I think we would meet your chat requirements. But we are newer players (I am Dwarves and the most advanced player), so we would fall well short of your 10 chest goal or your Spire goals.


Well-Known Member
Oh my ~ I just love your post! What a wonderful description of your relationship to the game. I was going to write about my fledgling FS, but was too embarrassed when I saw your "decent rank" (my goodness Mr. Modest).

We are looking for friendly Fellows who love Tournaments & Spire, who enjoy helping others while getting lots of great stuff for all our cities. No Rules! Just nice people who communicate, wit enjoyed but not required, smart active players, independent thinkers welcome.
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Alpha Lyrae

Well-Known Member
There's a spot open in Starship Andromeda. We do 10 chests every week. KP swap threads. We have external chat through the Discord app. Spire play might not meet your criteria. I'm not a mage or anything there, but saw your post and thought we may be a decent fit. Message @BTrouble in game if you're interested.
We've got ranking, success in FSA (Top 5 mostly) Silver Medal EVERY week in Spire, 10 Chests EVERY week in Tourny and the most interesting and fun Den of Dragons you could ever hope to chat with. Caring, Sharing, Fun, Growth - you couldn't wish for more. 6 KP Sharing Chains active enough for you to upgrade an AW a week. Come show us what YOU'RE all about.:)
Caribbean Kat