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Armory Question

  • Thread starter DeletedUser3561
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No...you did NOT need even one [1], up until now.

Prior to this most recent upgrade [orcs/goblin chapter introduction], they only provided additional training squad size, you could always build troops using the barracks without armories, but it would be very slow in producing troops because they'd be so small [the squads]. So if you didn't want to fight to open provinces, you could negotiate instead. Now if you intend to expand your research of provinces beyond ring ten [10] using negotiations, orcs will be part of the negotiation and you'll need to create orcs, which require doing so using armories because that's where you "breed" them ...Note: a level 23 armory produces 360 orcs per 12 hours....


Short answer, no. It is possible to get along with only one armory. However, there is at one point a quest that requires you to have three armories at a certain level or higher, and having multiple armories increases the number of troops you can train at once. While it doesn't increase the training speed, what that does mean is that you can set a bunch of slots to train and not have to worry about checking in for 3 or 4 hours because of how long it will take to finish training all of them, instead of having to check in every, say, 30 minutes because of how few troops you can train at once.

In summary, yes, you will probably appreciate having at least 3 armories.