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    Your Elvenar Team

-=Ashen Phoenix=- seeking new member! Blueprints in hand and ready to share. -=One Spot Open=-


Active Member
Born under the sign of the Ashen Phoenix, we are a fellowship of equals looking to expand our ranks and reach our fullest potential! One spot ready and waiting.

We strongly encourage cities to use only their boosted goods to expand our trading network. We are looking for you!

Even though we are a laid back group, we clear the 12th/13th chest in the Tournaments and collect blueprints while achieving Silver Spire weekly! (Spire encouraged but not required) We have achieved all three chests every Fellowship Adventure since our founding.

Please reach out in game! Take care of each other and have fun :)

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Are you still looking for players? I’m chapter 2 have marble has a boost and once I reach tier 2 crystal I’ll have crystal has a boost.


I’ll join once the tournament is over and the prizes rewarded. I’m in FS now that doesn’t seem to need my small offering.

Quasar Casius

New Member
Are you still taking new people? I just started lvl 7. The people in my fellowship haven't done a decent job of passing on the game info as they have learned it.