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Auto Fight Position


Well-Known Member
Good question. I hover my mouse over my troops and try to match them up as well as poss., so I do sort of put them in order.
Not sure if it matters but I would think it does, soooo...I do :D



From Mykans Guide- Fighting Guide. It's often good to scout out what the terrain looks like with an Archer or better yet, Ranger before you select which troops go where. Above is a great example. If you auto fought with that, your Light Melee units would be completely vulnerable to long range attacks and your Archers very vulnerable to Cerebrus or Drone Riders. So your best bet is to go in with a Ranger, surrender, then come back with the smartest set up. But if you're doing a tourny situation where you have lots of encounters in one day, you're usually safe(ish) if you just do the best troops you can.

Checking out the Fighting Guide, though. It will give you MUCH more detailed advice.


It matters, but remember that auto-fight AI is terrible. I generally only auto-fight with 5x of the same unit type. This is because you might set up a light ranged opposite a mage, and a heavy range opposite a light melee. But the AI often targets the enemy with the highest initiative in range, so that light ranged might run across the map to hit the light melee even though A. they will do less damage and B. they just brought themselves into counter-attack range from the light melee.


strategy is my game. I like chess, stratego, and checkers. To learn to fight, and maybe I win with minimal losses, My time is well spent. I do negotiate a lot though. :) But when I can fight, lose one guy and win, then my resources aren't lost.


New Member
What do you suggest to mobile only users who only get to autofight. I havent been able to figure out what to do i can fight the same battle over and over no matter what i do i lose all units just got the treant but i started out not knowing you couldnt make more and that the further away the stronger and larger the army i havent got thru 3rd province in tournament yet the costs to negotiate use all my resources and i lose all my units before i can get anywhere even though i still try to get as far as i can. It is confusing when i have come across an army that is the same as one i won the same size and enemy but will lose no matter what i try each time.


Well-Known Member
There is a lot in your question and it touches on different topics. Where you are fighting (tournament or world map), chapter you are in, scouting you have done and troops you select all factor in. On the world map some fights are designed to be impossible. I suggest reading my combat guide as a start and ask questions from there.

In terms of the fight position just try to roughly match the enemy. So the first troop is middle and then each one after goes up, then down, then up, then down, etc. If the enemy has 3 heavy ranged then two priests the simplest thing is to match in same locations. So go 3 mages and 2 archers. This will align your troops on the map close o their intended target. 9 times out of 10 this should steer you right. when you understand the up, down approach and they have more then 5 squads then you might occasionally vary things up as they may have stack the upper map section or something.