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Open Autumn Bear rewards Chapter 11 Incorrect


New Member
As this applies to all didn't include the particulars (i.e. world, or game issue.)
Chapter 11, Halflings the rewards shown for stage 1 and Stage 3 are at Stage 10 evolve are 1830 mana and 1830 mana. This is either extremely low as Chapter 10 is 6450 mana and 6450 mana. even Chapter 9 is 4850 and 4850.
The low number might make sense if it was supposed to change to Divine Seeds instead of Mana. As it stands for chapter 11 this bear is not very useful.
Your attention on this manner would be appreciated.


New Member
Actually it's only partially fixed. The main production is seeds, but the bonus production is still mana. Thankfully they are still working on it.


Well-Known Member
Thank you for the info. I thought it was strange that mana was still the bonus production, but I was glad that they at least changed it to seeds.