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Autumn Zodiac Event Discussion Thread


Well-Known Member
Hiyas @Nightguest ,

I am not really moved all that much with the prizes:

A: Only 1 bear instead of 3
B: Already a challenge to try and get artifacts for the current bear
C: Hope of extra artifacts to evolve Brown, Polar & Panda are zilch...unless I spend waaaay more $$$
D: The amount of keys per orbs is in the stratosphere
E: The prizes are nice & I hope I get ONE of each, that I want...but my 'luck' in the Spire seems better.

I did spend some $ on this Event, but nothing like what I have done in the past. (I have no doubt this can be verified & confirmed).

My amount of enthusiasm & excitement for Events has been 'curbed', needless to say...

But, I am thankful for whatever I can get. If Inno wants more money from me, they need a bigger carrot on a stick.

I really am extremely happy the stats in Halflings was 'tweaked'.

TY for asking & for taking the time to read my wall of text. :/

Enevhar Aldarion

Well-Known Member
I normally never open the biggest chest/orb/etc because I tend to have bad luck winning extra event currency from them, so I feel they have been too expensive in the past. But in this event, I have been opening all the 121 and 139 orbs I can, because the number of keys per stardust are the 2nd and 3rd best in the event, with the 121 being about 30 and the 139 being about 28. Only the 26-key orb is cheaper per stardust. Using this method, and having some luck with winning extra keys, got me 9 artifacts in my Beta city, and I already have 6 artifacts in my Live city, with plenty of time for 3 more.

I am not even worried about converting new artifacts into old because in last year's Autumn event, and following FA, I had enough artifacts to get the 3 bears to levels 10, 10, and 8, so I am leveling up the Moon Bear for the sentient goods, neither of which are my boost, and that makes me happy.

As for all the daily prizes, there are a couple that are nice for an end-of-chapter 16 player like me. The Pond of Autumn is a top 3 seed producer and Hazeltown coming back again is nice too. A lot of the new buildings are pretty, but don't offer me anything useful, unlike how a couple of the Air Trader ships did for seed, orc, and mana production. For me, the devs don't need to keep up the power curve with each event, but giving us alternate buildings that do basically the same as past ones is nice. For example, the seed production from the Amuni Ship, the Pond of Autumn, and the Festival Merchant are almost identical in seeds per hour, per square. Same for the orc production from the Orc Ship and the Orc Nest. I like being able to swap in new buildings without losing production of key goods.


Well-Known Member
For example, the seed production from the Amuni Ship, the Pond of Autumn, and the Festival Merchant are almost identical in seeds per hour, per square. Same for the orc production from the Orc Ship and the Orc Nest. I like being able to swap in new buildings without losing production of key goods

And there it is!

Edit: And I would add, also gaining in that endeavor, would be a bonus!


Active Member

I have an elf city in chapter 4. My city is fully geared toward manufacturing. I craft in the MA constantly.

There is not a single daily prize that has a higher value per square than what I already have.

The highest 2×2 from the MA has(so far) been the lava codex 410 culture, 102 per square. My houses produce a population of 46.6 per square. I do not need supplies. As a manufacturer I have zero interest in any bear except the panda and no hope of snagging enough artifacts for it.

I am playing the event and enjoying it. The artwork is lovely. The buildings I win are being gleefully fragged so I can craft more lava codexes. I am not actually unhappy with the event.


Well-Known Member
The randomness is killing my joy in these events. I have trouble getting the full evolve with most of them. So I've picked two theme songs to play while I'm doing this event...

cue Linda Rondstadt ...

I've been cheated. Been mistreated. When will I be loved? I've been put down. I've been pushed around. When will I be loved?

followed by....
You're no good , you're no good, baby you're no good. I'm gonna say it again, You're no good, you're no good you're no good. Baby You're no good.


Well-Known Member
I've always wondered about this lyric. Is it intended to be ironic?
So valid & point well made...I am not qualified to answer, I am somewhat biased when it comes to Carley.

Seriously though, I too wonder. I think she was even more vain for doin' the song about him.


Active Member
After looking at all my event buildings that just give population/culture, the only thing that looks a little low is the culture on the ancient pond statue. The fairy ship and woodelven ship from air traders and the wizard spell shop from wise golem had 2:1 culture to population per tile, while the ancient pond is 1:1. Everything else I have either seems like equivalent value or the buildings aren’t similar enough for a fair comparison. The kite outpost has the same culture per tile as anything I have seen in the MA so far, equal to the frozen flame. So that one seems great. The level 5 bell fountain gives fewer supplies than the level 2 Amuni ships, but it also gives population so it’s not really the same. I feel frustrated, but when I look at my inventory and compare numbers, I can’t actually find many specifics to complain about on the prizes. I also haven’t been paying close enough attention to remember what came from this event versus other sources. So, unfortunately I do not have much helpful feedback to give there.

The biggest complaint I have is that the costs to open the chests are really high making it more difficult to earn the main prizes. I understand that everyone wants a brown bear so this is a great money maker for Inno, and I don’t mind paying for something I really want. I just think the price point is high. I would feel less resentful about the money I am spending if I were getting more for it. At a 2 to 1 conversion rate for artifacts, people would still have to spend money to be able to fully evolve the older bears if they had left the difficulty In acquiring artifacts the same as past events. The rate of keys per stardust coupled with the 2 to 1 conversion means I won’t be able to fully evolve the brown bear even after spending so much. (Bought stash outpost, bought 1500 keys so far, have completed 63/75 quests, still only have 8 artifacts) This also means that people who don’t care about the old bears at all are having a harder time completing the moon bear. It just seems like Inno got a little greedy. So I’m a little bitter about it, but I’m still playing and may even end up spending more money if it looks like I’m really close to another evolution. I don’t think it matters to them how much we grumble about the money we are spending as long as we keep spending it. Maybe if their profits from the event are lower than they expected they will release some special deal at the end to let everyone buy the rest of what they currently either can’t afford or refuse pay for. But as long as their formula is working and they are meeting revenue targets, I don’t anticipate any changes. They could have been really generous and done a 1:1 artifact conversion craft so everyone could have a fair chance at one fully evolved bear of their choice. Or they could have decided not to bring back the old bears at all. Instead they decided to give us what we asked for by providing a chance to get the brown bear, and it’s fair for them to turn a profit on a high demand item. I just don’t like feeling like it’s a carnival game where you have to spend $200 to get a $20 bear.


Well-Known Member

Specifically regarding prizes over the last many events held, they have been abysmal as every event they get less than before. Mainly this refers to the secondary prizes and dailies.
  • Grand Prize this time is ok, nothing spectacular but I will likely place it. 3x3 was a good choice. 4x4 and ... nope!
  • Things like coin rains and supply instants as major prizes in between artifacts is a joke. What happened to libraries and WW etc? A 30 AWKP or say 2-3 pet foods would be better alternatives. Maybe a UUU/MMM/ELR?? That would be sweet.
  • Daily prizes are frustrating. 5%PP when I have 600 of them already? (ok maybe some ppl find PP worthwhile I get it). If there is no building we like, we used to be able to pick a day and dump all our currency into that one day for certain instants. For me this used to be timers or KP. But timers are gone - bring them back please! 14hrs or 8hrs (since Spire has 5hrs). AWKP is thankfully back but at 10KP?? 30KP more like it.
  • Troop instants would be more exciting if they weren't just barrack troops. I'm a tourney fighter, scored over 10k points last week: I hardly use barrack troops . So if it's a Mage instant, maybe we could pick one of the 3 mages? I don't really want to see 15 different troop instants cluttering up daily prizes.
  • And then chances of winning a daily prize seem much more difficult. This seems specific to this event, previous events weren't as bad. I think that is because the cost per chest has dramatically increased in this event. Things like 26 and 49 chests/orbs both just give 1 star dot and have very similar prize values. Never would I choose the 49 chest.
Hope that feedback helps. Thank you for requesting it!


Well-Known Member
I've always wondered about this lyric. Is it intended to be ironic?
I mean the fact that she is addressing the person in the song means it is in fact about them, no? And therefore they're not really all that vain since they're right.
Unless the person assumes its about them and really about someone else. Maybe Carly was a roamer and went with more than one vainster who had a lear jet to see a total eclipse of the sun. lol


Well-Known Member
I'm finding very little prizes that my Ch. 16. city is interested in. I'm not sure if I'll place the moon bear or not yet. The KP it gives is making me consider it. On Beta we had some troop instants at this point as dailies but at least they are in the chests on Live. I have no real use for Portal Profits as I'm swiming in those and have a large stash of pet food. I'm not exactly interested in any of the buildings offered as dailies other than than the artwork. My Ch. 15 city on the other hand is much more interested in the dailies. I also am in need of pet food and portal profits in that city so I didn't mind the dailies there so much so far. I'm also in need of hybred pop/culture buildings in that city to replace older event buildings that I don't feel are worth using RR spells on. Getting 2 KP or a single rune shard is disappointing as prizes in the chests. Especially with the costs of some of the chests. Actually I'm not even a fan of getting 14KP in the 139 chest when in past events we got more. It feels like some of the filler prizes are lacking. It also feels like that from past events that the prizes are getting worse. Use to get 20KP or 30KP AW instants in chests or as dailies. Used to have 25 squad instants. Now just 5 and 10. I could go on but it would be alot of the same things as mentioned by others currently and in the past. I used to spend money on events but lately the prizes haven't seemed to be worth the effort I put in or worth spending money on. Even my Ch. 3 Beta City didn't feel like its worth spending money on. Though I have to say as a Ch. 3 city I loved any of the prizes I got. So there is definitely different perspectives on where one is in the game. I would like to see some prizes that would feel like they're worth the time, effort, and money put into the game. I also would like to feel like Inno cares about its long time players because lately I haven't been getting that feeling.


Active Member
If you want to fully evolve an older bear, you need 18 artifacts. 2 come from the quests, leaving 16 from chests if you don’t want to bet on FA for 2 more.
If every other main prize is an artifact, except for the 14th, which is another moon bear, then you need to collect 31 main prizes to get 16 artifacts. 31 prizes x 20 stardust each x minimum 26 keys per stardust = minimum of 16120 keys
Free keys: 4355 from quests + 945 from daily + 100 from email = 5400
If we assume that the daily drop keys are enough to offset the cost difference in chests (not all will be 26 keys) and don’t plan on any bonus keys from opening chests, then you would have to purchase 10720 keys.
At the current rate of 8300 diamonds for 2000 keys, the keys are 4.15 diamonds each. So 10720x4.15 = 44488 diamonds
The cheapest diamonds are on the browser at $200 for 30000 diamonds, which is about .67cents each. So you are looking at around $296
If you rely on the 2 artifacts from the FA this is reduced to 8640 keys, 35856 diamonds, or around $239.

But... If you buy the $200 diamond package right now you get 3000 keys free. This reduces your effective cost to either $215 without the FA artifacts or $157 with them.

This is a lot of estimation and I’m sure a few rounding errors. But if you want a fully evolved legacy bear, it can be yours for around $200.

Risen Malchiah

Well-Known Member
That's probably because last time the 2 conversion recipes caused confusion and some players were crafting *both*, thus destroying any chance to evolve anything. (Some people aren't always paying close attention.) Since it's fairly easy to get enough to evolve the new bear, only new > old is really needed anyway.

It would be nice if they all just used bear artifacts. Will there be 3 different kinds of bear & phoenix artifacts next year? :rolleyes: Simpler is better.


Well-Known Member
Then you really are not going to like what is next, cause rumor says another Fellowship Adventure is coming up.
I don't and as it turns out the fellows in my Fellowship don't either. The consensus so far is to boycott. I was surprised to hear that there is lukewarm sentiment towards the Autumn Event too. They worked hard and made sacrifices for the last FA, putting off city building and chapter progress. We came in 15th which is, in my opinion, a very good place for a fellowship of our ranking, and enjoyed the team effort. Another FA on the heals of another "event" is not where they want to put their efforts right now.

Nectar of the Gods

Active Member
The worst thing about this event is the cost of the chests. The +1 chests go from 26 keys all the way up to 63 keys. Why so expensive for a +1 chest? Additionally, there are what I call "booby prizes" in several of those chests. 2 kp? Seriously? Less keys won than it costs to open the chest? That's a slap in the face. I have worked hard to jump through the hoops to do these quests. I should not be penalized for opening one of the chests.


Well-Known Member
Yeah, there is not a lot of joy to be had...

I get excited when I see a 14hr and a 20hr time boost I can craft.

Even winning 500 diamonds from the MO is a thrill!


Well-Known Member
Yes, it is quite odd how much they increased the cost of each orb without changing other parameters. The average cost of opening an orb is 67.66 keys, while the Phoenix and Air traders was 52.11 per chest. This while having also a shorter quest list and consequently fewer keys that can be won.