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Avengers Age of Ultron


Anyone watched it yet?
I think it was just okay, not really good like the first part ..

Any thoughts?


Yup, I watched the movie. If I am not mistaken that is where our Super Heroes had to battle the evil AI. I am not much of a comic guy or comic movie guy, so the movie felt a little childish to me. I think it is oriented more for kids, not as much as Prince Caspian (hehe), than for adults. Don't get me wrong, I am still that 13 y.0. gangstah running around, but I was like: Meh...Been there, done that, what's next.

I have noticed that lately there are no good movies that came out, most of the are oriented on CGI, a lot of FX and we can forget about the story line and a twisted plot , but ,perhaps, i am being senile.

I was looking forward for Jupiter Ascending and when I watched it, i was like: Wow, a cute story for 13 y.o. girls, who like science fiction.


I thought that it was an OK movie as well. I won free tickets in a drawing and took the entire family to see it. my 4 yr fell asleep during it my 5 month old cried during it my 6 yr old loved it, my wife kept wanting popcorn and a drink during it so i watched maybe 30 minutes of the movie. from what i saw it was just OK.


I liked it, but it was not as good as the first. Now I know more about the crying baby at the theater, lol