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In my Elvenar travels I have noticed a lot of people that make the same basic mistakes in trying to develop their cities full potential. Many of these cities need help and they must not be getting the help they need from the fellowship. We offer a back to basics approach to Elvenar. Want to learn what you have missed? Need to know how to build up your city to be able to kick real butt in the tournaments? Or would you like to know the difference between Boosted Goods and Non-Boosted Goods. Some things are important, and if no one is helping you to learn these things, you are indeed in the wrong place. We at the Starfleet Academy may not have all the answers, but....we know how to find them for you. What have you got to loose except an a city stuck in the mud. Check us out and see if there is something we can do to help you. STARFLEET ACADEMY of KHELONAAR


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lots of fellowships give good and proper advice too not just 1
True, but a lot don't and it certainly doesn't hurt to advertise. And, besides, Starfleet is a bunch of fellowships on every world. They work together and if they have a Starfleet Academy, you can bet they will spend the time not just waiting for people to ask, but actively engaged in looking your city over, analyzing it, and making suggestions, as well as a regular, informative, fellowship messages, designed to help you learn. Yes, a lot of fellowships help, but a Starfleet Academy does it with focused attention.

Besides, I know CantankerousMe. He will do wonders. He's a good communicator and consistent leader. If you're new or just want to grow, Starfleet Academy is a good place to be.

AJ AM of Starship Valiant- (the one with the dash)


Thanks AJ.
I have no doubts that there are many very good fellowships with excellent leadership and motivated members. That is wonderful. But reality calls and there are some really bad fellowships and I have been in some of them. We only offer to help individuals learn to get more out of the game than they are able to with inactive fellowships with poor leadership.


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Donates 10 strips of Latinum , to the GrandNaguss.....
How can my city be more profitable........ohhhhmmmmm.

hvariidh gwendrot

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if you have to tear others down before you can build yourself up you make yourself look weak, if you can't build yourself up without tearing others down first sure sign you're not high up there to start with