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Bad planning for daily quests in Events


Well-Known Member
It isn't at 100%? Then it hasn't been addressed! Fixing some but not all (and equally, every Event in the past has had some that could be done on the day offered) is not fixing the issue.
I said addressed. I never said fixed. These are not the same thing.
Addressed indicates changes applied in recognition of issue and in no way claims 100% resolution (and my interpretation based on the results is that the improvement is in response to the recognized issue).


Well-Known Member
Here's my opinion based on what I have seen:

It appears the developers consider the task to be "clear map/province encounters." That's it. Therefore, it can happen on any day, since you can clear map encounters on any day. The "OR Spire/Tournament" was added later as a consolation prize for people who (for whatever reason) can't clear regular map encounters. However, it is intended to be a fallback only. As such, they put the fallback on a day when you can't do it, in order to emphasize that the real task is to do regular map encounters.

Bear in mind, in the past it used to be "Clear Encounters" period, with NO fallback. Imagine being completely stuck and unable to complete the event at all if you cannot (for whatever reason) clear regular map encounters. So be glad that there is an alternative, even if the alternative is considered a fallback.


Well-Known Member
1. I agree. A very avoidable inconvenience.
On the upside, if you're on dailies, and there nearly two weeks left in the event, then you have time to sit back for a couple of days. Though, it can already be painful finishing the quest within minutes of the quest-day change and having to watch that countdown nearly twenty-four hours to do the next... So, yeah, I don't want to wait an extra few days either so I'll likely do regular encounters (typically more expensive) just because I am impatient.
2. I wondered how long it would take before someone posted about this... ;)
True, I'm waiting, collecting 16 relics is only practical during tournament, too. In later stages of the game, available provinces to complete come few and far between since it can take days to scout.

Enevhar Aldarion

Well-Known Member
The daily quest that we got last night/today has solve 10 encounters and/or tournament encounters, but the tournament will be back sooner than I will have two provinces scouted for that, but no big deal. I am just waiting for tomorrow to complete it, and then also complete the new quest that unlocks tonight right after that.

@neeronie I have a level 11 Endless Excavation, so every time I complete a province, I get 3 extra relics. So I will always try and save the 8th encounter in a province for just such a quest. Complete the 8th encounter in four provinces, and boom, 16 relices.

Enevhar Aldarion

Well-Known Member
This is not about encounters or relics, but when I looked at tonight's quest for 20 vision vapor, I got a good laugh when I saw my crafting selection in the magic academy:

Screenshot (44).png