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Battle stratgey Enhancements


Two enhancements to the existing battle process.

1. I would like to deploy my troops once I survey the battlefield terrain. Maybe there are some complexities also introduced here if deploying while under attack. Could be fun.

2. In the way we currently battle, one side makes each of their troop movements and then the other side takes a full round… I would like to be able to choose which troops go in which order within each round. Each set of troops still gets their one turn, but I can choose which goes when within the round.




Chef - loquacious Old Dog
These two are exactly the two I want and was going to suggest. Even knowing the terrain would make a difference, but being able to choose which troops to move and in what order would make it much, much, more realistic. As it is now sometimes it's your 5 against their 8 and they move first while you are stuck behind a bunch of hedges and can't even get the troops you want to use out to do battle. This is particularly a problem for me against canoneers since they can reach any troops from anywhere.

So, in short, I agree.



It might be difficult to enter troops on the map screen but a map preview would help players choose the best comp. Order that you put your armies in the battle screen also being the map order would also be quite helpful for positions and tactics. Being hit by your units' ranged hard counters (HR, Mage) in round one can be too costly, moving LR units to the spot that can be attacked in R1 would reduce causalities by a fair amount.

Heroes of Might and Magic III had an ability called Tactics where you could rearrange your troops at the start of battle and it remembered the order for next battle.

Players might be more willing to manually battle if there were greater tactics/deployment options - it could be a trade off for auto battle.