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Bears in Winyandor MA for 3 BP?


Well-Known Member
Edit: Yup it's there, only needed 71 flips to get ONE :oops:
Just looking for confirmation that someone has definitely seen the 3 blueprint recipe for normal bear artifacts on U2 winyandor.
I got the recipe in Khel yesterday so I flipped the MA in Winy 28 times but with zero luck.
I'm almost certain that they don't release anything per world and it's all server-wide, but that's some pretty bad RNG...
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Rather insane to only get 1 recipe in 3,500 diamonds. If this city can't get the last 3 that it needs I think it's better to abandon it than throw more at it.


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I have a conversion in mine, but I don't plan to use it. Wish it was a regular bear artifact. How often are bear artifacts available? I have a polar bear that I need to evolve.