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Beginners Questions


New Member
As many may know. I am Elements from TW2. I have just discovered and downloaded this game and am liking it so far. But it is very different from TW2 and could use some pointers on how to play and/or some features of the game. For instance... I am used to the worlds closing after an endgame is reached by a tribe (fellowship in this game). Tell me, is there any endgame to the worlds or do they just continue playing and growing until they cant anymore due to reduced space?


Well-Known Member
So far, Elvenar goes to chapter 18 but the devs are working on more chapters. It is space limited so manage that carefully. The max levels for buildings are chapter based. You’ll be able to level them higher as you progress. For helpful information on the chapters, quests, buildings etc please visit https://elvengems.com/ :)


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I have never played TW. No one can attack you in this game or plunder any of your resources. ever. When you visit neighbors, you get coins for helping them but it doesn't reduce their coins at all. :)


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don't upgrade the MainHall when the game wants you to...
only do it when it makes sense for you to.....
(ignore/decline the personal tasks for MH upgrades if ya have to)


Well-Known Member
There is no endgame. So far some of the worlds have been going on for six years. There's not really a way to "win" Elvenar, although there are a number of different ways to compete, such as getting high tournament scores, having high ranking points, and doing well in Fellowship Adventures.

As others have noted, the maximum level of the main hall and other buildings increases with each chapter. The maximum for main hall is currently 41. You can see the maximum for the various buildings and their statistics on the elvenar wiki: https://en.wiki.elvenar.com/index.php?title=Buildings

In addition to building levels, the other constraint is space, which dictates how many buildings total you can have. You will earn expansions for your city by exploring the world map, unlocking them in the research tree, and if you wish by purchasing them with diamonds. You can find out more about unlocking expansions and making your city bigger by reading the wiki here: https://en.wiki.elvenar.com/index.php?title=Expansions

It is possible to run out of space in your city, but you can sell buildings and replace them with others in order to make the most of your space. Elvenar is really a game about what you will choose to build and produce in order to meet your goals in the game -- players have very different cities based on their goals and strategy.

The elvengems website (elvengems.com) has a lot of information about strategies, includings a beginner's overview. You might also look at "Mykan's Guide" here on the forum to get some basics. And keep asking questions!


Active Member
You may need to transform your thinking a bit. This game is about helping others. There are many ways to do this. The more you focus on helping, the better start you will make. Neighborly Help isn't the only way to help, plus you can do that for folks on your map, not just in your Fellowship. You will want to join a Fellowship. You may find your initial group doesn't work for you. No worries, find another one. Loyalty is one way to help in a Fellowship certainly, but this may be more important in a group that cohabitates successfully.

This game is slow, and advance planning pays off, and some of that advance planning can take weeks to come to fruition.

The game is ruled by an odd combination of apparent progress that only leads to more difficulties. I believe BrinDarby's comment above about the Main Hall is an indirect reference to this dance of difficulty we all face. For me, this goes hand-in-hand with the slowness and advanced planning. Your choices here can lead to fun and interesting things within your city, but they can also munch your butt for things like the Tournament and Spire.


Well-Known Member
I've played other games where you have to build quick and fast, find some protection in a guild/fellowship/alliance just to survive. Yuck. This game differs in that you aren't pressured to build fast and furious but can take it at your own pace. There are a lot of tutorials and advice pages here and there. Elvengems is a good one, but others have delved down into the mechanics of things and give different types of advice. Here's my shot.

The game is balanced between it's various components and you have to manage to keep them in balance if you want to grow steadily. There are: the city building aspect, the weekly tournament, the weekly Spire climb, events, and Fellowship Adventures. Of these only the FA could be left out as it just doesn't contribute a lot to your city (in my opinion). So my advice is to go slow and build a balanced city so that you produce the goods you need as you go.

The most basic goods are: Coins, Supplies, and Goods. So at the beginning you need to focus on building a solid base for these. Coins come from residences, supplies from workshops, and goods from manufacturing buildings. So you will need about 15 residences, 10 supply and 11 goods (more on the goods idea in a moment). I have found that this balance takes you nicely through the first few chapters --4 at least.

Goods in Elvenar of 9 types. But you don't build all nine types since only 3 of them are "boosted," meaning they produce a lot more per square than the other six. So you build only boosted and then trade for the other stuff. This is where a good fellowship is almost required. They are your partners and a good fellowship can have you waiting only minutes to get the goods you need. In any case, at the beginning there are three "tiers" of goods...you will unlock them as you proceed in the chapters. For T1 (tier 1 of course) should have about 6 buildings. T1 should be 3 and T3 2. That's the 11 buildings of which I spoke.

Now as you get going you will find that keeping all the same buildings at the same level makes laying your city out much easier. So as you improve your residences they should always be no more than one level from each other. Ditto workshops, goods mfrs, and so on.

That's basic production and will carry you through the first 4-5 chapters. In addition to building your city though, you will need to "discover" your neighbors. That's what "scouting" is all about. To discover a neighbor you go to the world map and pick one of the neighbors with an active spy glass. You will pay some coins for the right and it will take a growing amount of time. At first a few minutes, then hours, and even days. Each neighbor you discover you can trade with without a penalty. In addition, the more provinces you discover the more space your city gets in the form of expansions....BUT...you can go too far, too fast. So, if those undiscovered areas begin to say "hard" or "very hard" you are "over scouting" and things will be more expensive. Ideally, as you finish each chapter the amount of exploring you've done will be just enough to open the next chapter -- the first research of each chapter tells you how much you need to have explored.

How when you've opened a new province you will have to have some encounters with it before you can actually consider it usable. After all, you "discovered" it, and then you "explore" it, right? To do that you have to deal with the inhabitants. You can go to war to conquer them or you can just feed them some goods/coins/supplies and they'll be friendly. The problem is, in the beginning your troops are usually so weak they aren't always able to encounter the inhabitants. I've found it useful to concentrate on just "catering" the provinces for the first 3-4 chapters rather than fighting. During that time I build up my troops and try to get them strong enough to work for me. By chapter 5-6 I find them usable. Before that, not so much...though others of a more military bent may accuse me of being a bad commander as they can fight from chapter 1 and conquer all!

That's it for me.



Well-Known Member
Pre-Chapter 4-5 . ultimate efficiency is the key....
MainHall sapps culture/population better used elsewhere.
I only upgrade my main Hall when I can't hold enough
to do a scout.....

Mont Clair

Active Member
A few of my own experiences:
From chapters 1-5 it feels like a speed chase, especially because my KPs were pretty much used on unlocking the tech upgrades or early AWs. Things slow down when I started in dwarves, got introduced to guest race goods and I had to plan my production times, more AWs are unlocked and I gotta decide which ones to continue to upgrade or remove as their usefulness has reach a standstill (me for EE). As I went further down the line more diff resources are unlocked and the guest race goods also gets more diversified. Even more planning on production and what resources I run low on and what I can build up on. If population and culture were not an issue first five chapters they may start becoming a balancing act. I have experienced both negative population and negative culture. Not to worry, with events there will always be buildings that can fix the issue.

As you go through chapters always either teleport, sell, or upgrade your existing buildings depending on tech unlock and/telephoto, join a good fellowship and get trades and do the tournament or Spire. Evolving buildings helps, but not all buildings are for you. Choose which ones work most effectively for your city. Never overscout, the chapters guidelines are very helpful and you will generally always be on the very easy/easy side of encounters. Always think in the quantity of resources provided per square for maximum efficiency of the building for you, as space is a commodity in this game, not a luxury.

Also unfortunately there isn't an end game in sight, at least not yet. The game takes, even on the most speediest of players, min a month or so to complete a chapter after dwarves (at least from what I have seen so far), and the chapters only gets longer and longer to complete. Also inno is still introducing a new chapter every few months or so!