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Benefit of Fire Phoenix without evolutions


New Member
Hi, I'm in Fairies (Cpt 7), on mobile, typically fight only in Tourneys, and cater everything else. What is the benefit of crafting a Fire Phoenix if I don't have any evolutions?

My understanding is that it gives a 5% unit attack bonus for a very short time IF fed pet-food, which can also be crafted. Any other practical benefits?


The pet-food lasts for 24 hours for a fire phoenix. So depending on when you feed it, you might get 2-3 tourney rounds in for one pet food.


Well-Known Member
@Achit, check your inventory. During the Coldfire Phoenix event a few months ago, there were some original Phoenix artifacts given out as prizes. If you won any of them and have not used them yet, you might be able to evolve the Fire Phoenix a few times. Every evolution will add 5% to the combat bonus. Will also increase the other stuff such as population and supplies it provides. But the combat bonus is the big reason for Fire Phoenix.


I started after those events and so far not impressed by the latest event buildings. I hope they bring back the fire Phoenix and the some of the bears, or at the very least create something like that in future events, although I would settle to being able to manually fight on mobile (all I have) to make up for not having those awesome military helpers.


Well-Known Member
@Frank the Elf King The next event is already going on in Beta. The evolving building in it is Wise Golem and stats for it are already up on Elvengems.com. Looks pretty good! Especially if you are a human player, since one of the things it gives is free mage units. Human priests are really good. Elvish sorceresses not so much...