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Best designed city you have ever seen


Since the Elvenar Architect is here around, you can imagine what is possible to make from your city ?
i think to design a city is art, some people really do it pretty cool, maybe they just play a game to build architecture and design a city they would like to see, like in the Sims game, you remember that, huh? :D

So, my city isnt really something, but i have seen one that i would like to share with you. My fellow Oriona is his neighbour, his name is MushroomSalsa. I've been searching to see some kind of ''diferent'' design citys, and this one truly is.
My first neigbour Solanth, has a pretty cool culture buildings all around Main Hall. She made a real Venice city there, all on water! :D

If you have seen a really cool designed city, you can share it with us here.


I like the idea of having my cities look nice, as well as be efficient. Right now my Arendyll Elf city of Ravenwing is experiencing growing pains of a sort. I'm in the process of leveling up my steel factories to where they require more space (3x3) and things are a bit of a mess while I move things around, trying to make space. Ravenwing is also where I'm using planks factories for decoration. They look nice and give me a few planks too. ;) I won't upgrade them past a certain point though since I am using them decoratively and don't want to waste a lot of space on them. This is also the reason why I still have a crystal factory there, even though it's not my boosted good. I just think it looks really pretty. Same with the silk factory. I'll have multiples of my tier 2 & 3 boosted factories but only one of the non boosted and if I ever get into too much of a crunch for space, I'll just sell them, pretty or not! :p

Now as for cities that I've seen... I've seen many that look like cookie cutter real estate developments with row after row of the same culture building... something that I really don't get. I suppose that they're at a higher level than I am, but I don't care to have any more than one of the culture buildings that have a large footprint. The smaller ones, sure, but the really big ones? Nope, just don't get it!

There are many nice looking cities, but right now I'm drawing a blank on which ones and which worlds they're in... playing four worlds can do that! :confused: I'll have to pay closer attention when I'm doing world runs so I can mention some of my favorites here!

I will say that in Felyndral, where my low level, very regimented looking human city is located, there are some very nice cities, especially those of the members of my Fellowship, The Glen, where most are at much higher levels than I'm at!


I'll have to start looking around at cities that I find to be unique and not of a cookie-cutter design. I have my own cookie cutter designs for their own reasons, but I have also played with my own city designs in Arendyll to come up with something different. It may be small, but I enjoy coming to this city over any other :)