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Black ground


Active Member
When playing on the phone I will constantly go into the game and the entire ground is black. A forced stop and restart fixes this but it should not be happening


Active Member
I got that for a while on my Android tablet, but now it is OK. I saw other posts that said it was erratic.

Agreed that it should not be happening, but have you tried a full restart of your phone? If it's an Android they have sometime memory leaks and should be restarted on a regular (once per 3-4 days) basis -- or so said my cellphone data provider. Good luck.

Odom (not a moderator, CSR, developer, or anything except a new player who has seen similar issues in other games).

Enevhar Aldarion

Well-Known Member
I think for some of us it is a RAM issue. I get this more often on my tablet than my phone. My tablet only has 1 GB of RAM, while my phone has 1.5 GB. I try to have as few apps running in the background as possible when I have a game running.


New Member
This happens on my iPad, too. It rather frequently gets restarted. However, I found a quick fix: I log out, then log back in. Issue fixed. iPad Pro 12"

Lord Firerus

New Member
It is a known issue for games to crash if low RAM. I broke my phone's screen from anger today cause of crashes lol.l.l:(:oops:

The newer phones are better for these games. The older phones are mainly supposed to be used for messaging. Main reason they are so cheap.