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For all of you number crunchers out there - here is an idea for your consideration and discussion. with the FA drawing to a close and all of your T1 manus slated for the wrecking ball why don't you upgrade a few of them and then teleport them to your inventory for use if the next FA needs them ? I know you will need to reserve enough pop and culture to place them out again, but as Inno does not give us enough warning at times as to when these adventures start, would this help at all ? Also if you can not reserve enough space - then it might be an issue - but how far would you have to upgrade them to make it beneficial to do this ?
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but how far would you have to upgrade them to make it beneficial to do this ?
For me? To make one extra bracelet per day would require 2 extra level 31 steel factories (which would take weeks to upgrade) and those buildings require over 30,000 population from 7 level 35 residences.
That's at a minimum 2 buildings I'd have to teleport out of my city, then 2 in, then 2 out and 2 back in for 8 teleport spells per FA and during that week I'd lose all production from whatever factory I teleported out.

All of that to net me a whopping 6 bracelet badges per FA.

Less than 1 badge per teleport spell? Ew.

MinMax Gamer

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...to make it beneficial to do this?
Define beneficial. Players in competitive FA fellowships are already doing it because they're looking for extra points. I, on the other hand, have several max T1 manus in storage and have space and pop to place them - but I don't, because there is no benefit in it to me whatsoever. Our FS will do the bare minimum to close 1 path in each stage just for people who care about extra artifacts. This much we can do without making any changes to our cities. Anything on top of that gets us nothing of value.

joha darkmatter

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nope tele in and out is not worth it. I think the bracelets are a bit to over done.. to much needed per and to many needed to fill a dot.
But it maters not They are just trying to get us to spend more money. LIKE the number one in ever FA Spent. Sorry not spending like that


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This chart was posted on another thread. If you are looking for potential strategies next FA it is worth a look.
Using @Jackluyt 's data for goods required per chapter, I made my own table of 3h productions required per badge (the last column is for chapters that get an upgrade to during the chapter and haven't done the chapter upgrade yet -- this is using Elven Planks for production data and assuming a 700% boost (something that might not be realistic for very low chapters).
Chapter3h Productions per Badge(Using previous chapter building)

So yes, the bracelet is slanted towards smaller cities and towards the people in chapters with a goods upgrade (assuming you have had a chance to do the upgrade).


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So teleporting in fully upgraded manus is best if you are in a chapter with t1 upgrades and you have actually gotten them done.
Players who fall in the between should focus on other badges.


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I find the bracelets completely out of whack to statues and necklaces, I started a new chapter so didn't have a chance to upgrade my T1s and it took me almost 2 days to make 1 bracelet -
To say nothing of the arcane residues - that one has to go, or at least give us something decent to craft, worth 10 vapors per item and 2 or 3 hours to craft max.
Very disappointed with the new adventure, and I've always loved playing them... don't know if any of my cities will keep playing them with this new format.