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Hello Brand new to the world.


Personal Conductor
Hello welcome to the game! You are going to get a ton of advice.

Top tip, follow the quests given by the Advisers religiously!! The rewards attached to new city quests will help you grow your city.

Do not spend your diamonds! You will get around 500 free diamonds in the first few chapters, only spend those when one of the Advisors makes you.
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We are at the end of the Season of Dreams and at the start of an an event, all the prizes will be very helpful but dont kill your self. As a brand new city, some of the quests will be impossible, just take the prizes you can get and run!


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Welcome @Amalara! My advice is…You will be bombarded with plenty of advice, but also feel free to NOT listen to any that will be peppered your way in the times to come. There are very strongly opinionated people here about how they think things should be done, but you still ultimately need to find your preferred playing style and pace first. How one person plays might not suit your playing style so there isn’t a one answer fits all mold to the game. Someone’s advice can simultaneous be not wrong and not right for you. But it can be generally agreed upon by all that if you want to see people talk in circles for pages and pages, just ask about what constitute fair trades.


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I have been playing a couple of days now. I am hooked! Currently I am just doing what the advisors say to do and reaping
those rewards. I am sure there is more to be done. Any tips for a newcomer? Thank you in advance!
@Amalara Welcome to the game & Welcome to the forum. I'm new since December 2023 and my only advice is
1. Listen to your Archmage. (I have learned so much from mine.)
2. Reach out to your fellowship buddies. (They'll want to help)
3. Visit the forum often. (I do and you'll learn so much here. )
4. & last but not least~Have Fun!!


Personal Conductor
On the world map, where you scout provinces.
The provinces are arranged in rings around the city, pay attention to the cost of scouting the province, scout cheaper provinces first because they are in lower rings and are cheaper to scout and clear.


This image shows provinces available to scout in three different rings.


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Well you certainly started in the right place. That's a great sign of things to come. @crackie's comments are certainly true, except for the opinionated part. I do think most players do have some perspectives but few of the subjects are that opinionated. And most of the time people recognize that the game allows for a whole bunch of approaches and goals.

Of course, in the long run you will want to listen to me. Just so you know, I'm always right except when I'm wrong, then I'm only right about being wrong. Just so you know. ;)



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Nice to meet you, Amalara. I can remember being where you are now and asking advice from the forum. For the most part, I got very good advice and I'm happy I found my forum "home." The people here genuinely want to help others. Some don't know as much as others but in general, the advice is great.

I have two tips ... first, do not overscout. It's so easy to keep wanting to scout provinces in order to get more expansions. You'll be sorry for it later, and the Elvenar quest gurus do not tell you that. Just look ahead, in the tech tree, to the next chapter from the one you are in. How many provinces do you need to open it? Don't worry if you are five or six provinces above that number. That's fine. But if you are 10, 15, 20 above the number needed to open the next chapter, stop scouting. You've delved into hard territory.

Second, the best place to really learn all the basics are the Scrollkeepers sections at the top of this forum. I am the spire scrollkeeper, but there are scrollkeepers for tournament, basic play, events, and much more ... some of those things, like Muffy's scrollkeeping section, you'll need first. You'll not only get great advice there, but also links to more information.

Lastly, just stay on the forum. This place teaches you so much as you advance. After four years I am still learning things every day ... or at least every week, lol. When you decide to join a fellowship, come back here and ask for the basic tips on finding the best one to suit you. There are so many fellowships out there and some of them are not even active, but the auto-recommendations don't seem to know that. We'll help you find a good one.



Chef, Scroll-Keeper, Buddy's #1 Fan
Thanks everyone, what a nice welcome. Are some worlds more popular than others? Or should I say, more active than others?
Well, there's "world" and then there's your "neighborhood". Which game world doesn't make much of a difference in terms of activity, but your neighborhood does. However, it's roughly determined by how many goats you have recently sacrificed to the RNG gods. If you're lucky, you've landed in a pretty hopping neighborhood with high property value that is the envy of your peers. Otherwise, you might start up as a bedouin foraging in the desert. I...did not sacrifice enough goats...twice. Fret not though, as you can overcome this if you find yourself a supportive and active fellowship. As @Iyapo said, don't join the FS they auto-populate in the recommendations. Join a fellowship with larger cities to guide you and take your trades. I've heard a lot of new players say they want to play with their peers with similar size. 1/10 stars. Does not recommend! People have varying levels of free time and even if two cities started on the same day, they don't progress at the same rate anyway. Don't let big cities intimidate you. Small cities can be very productive and run laps around larger cities if built properly. You'd rather play with bigger cities that can take your trades than fellow newbies that don't know what they're doing. If you end up in a crappy neighborhood, you could potentially be moved...one day. I think they prioritize moving new players in the algo.

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Hello @Amalara and welcome. As you can see there is lots of good information in various places on this forum and other sites, but being a newbie I’d certainly recommend starting in the Scroll Keepers section of the forum. Never be afraid to ask questions or to question any answers you receive (many times you’ll find there is not “one right answer” (many players, many styles). So try it out and find what works for you, but most of all have fun. Happy Gaming!