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    Your Elvenar Team

Build the Best


Once upon a time in a mystical world in the land of Elvenar a fellowship was recruiting active elves and humans to form the Best Fellowship Ever. Beautiful cities flourished under this fellowship as the people of the land discovered the mysteries of Elvenar.

Our purpose is to help our fellowship mates to Build the Best cities, while enjoying the company of like-minded people. Most of our players have been around a while and play on several worlds. If you are a new player, we will help you build your empire. If you are an experienced player, we welcome your knowledge.

This is a game meant for fun. Real life comes first. A few suggestions to maximize everyone’s enjoyment and gameplay.

Visit other members at least 4 times a week or even daily if you can. You will receive coin and a chance for supplies and a special treasure on some visits. List your needs in the town name spot. C for Culture, B for Builder or M for Main Hall so you can receive help where needed.

Build the Best is currently recruiting players that will have a boost in marble, crystal, elixir or gems. To check what boost you will have, click on your town hall, click on relics and your boost will be listed below. You do not have to have the boost goods researched to apply. Your goods will be worth the wait! You must have a trader installed to apply.
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