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    Your Elvenar Team

BULLETPROOF (Recruiting via direct join in ELCYSANDIR - All levels & all boosts!! - We love LURKERS & GADFLIES in equal measure! Be sure took us up!


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Play daily with a focus on trading and you'll succeed alongside us :)

Participation in events is not required

* Active Spire players welcome - join us in hitting High Halls or better every week for those great rewards only available in The Spire
* Tournament play is at your own discretion
* Lurk if you like but please don't ghost us in the Trader
* It's a fellowship - so teamwork is the point
* Focus on trades and growth that is steady and strong
* Above all be fair

We Pay It Forward
WE ARE KIND - earnestly beholden to our fellows & neighbors
WE ARE GENEROUS - posting more trades than we need so we're helping even when away
WE ARE PROACTIVE -checking in to say Hi and see who needs our help
WE ARE FRIENDLY - giving and receiving, and quick to say thanks
WE ARE SUPPORTIVE - sharing what we know so those coming along behind us don't struggle
WE ARE WORTHY - helping the little guy rise lifts the whole fellowship in turn

We hope that you'll take us up on our "2-WEEK TEST DRIVE" if you just aren't sure
We are a direct join FS - but please feel free to game-mail me with any questions

This is your invitation to succeed without feeling hounded or pressured.
Looking forward to meeting you at the door.

tinareno (RENO)
ArchMage at your service
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I'm just barely a week in, and still timid. However, I'm sure I need a fellowship, as I'm already feeling stymied. My guy has been playing FOE for four years, and I love watching him play, but want something of my own. You all sound great, so I'll try to look you up. See you soon I hope!