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Cancelled. After reading through it, this thread is irrecoverable.

Yogi Dave

Well-Known Member
am i the only one who thinks this thread got more complicated that it really deserved?
No and this is my last post in it with a last stab at an answer.

The OP's idea has evolved into help the players in the Gateway get more spell fragments while not reducing the amount received in total when the High Halls is also completed, with the final goal to remove them from the Laboratory. That seems to be set. Okay now, what I don't remember is if all the chests in the lower two levels all have spell fragments. I don't think they do, so am going with this. If wrong, ignore this.
  • Excluding the boss chests, swap a couple of the 15 chests in the Gateway which don't give spell fragments with ones in the High Halls that do.
  • Remove spell fragments from the Laboratory chests and either adjust the probabilities of getting the remaining items or replace them with something else.
Basically it's what @sam767 has in the 1st post, but expresses the method of doing #1 as a swap and gives the Devs 2 ways to resolve #2. Some people wish to have expressed exactly what the 'something else' is. I don't really care either way.

What is still missing is the pros and cons of implementing this idea.