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Closed | Archived Cannot load Forum or Wiki from within city

Eldenisa Tiege

Active Member
When I click the forum/wiki button in lower right corner of screen the normal forum/wiki badge appears but when I click on the badge the screen flashes white and the forum/wiki badge remains without loading either the forum or the wiki.
I have a support ticket for this bug.

Game version: v1.119.3-(d51f1d4) - html5 (2020-12-16 16:11)
Game world: Ceravyn
Browser and version: Google Chrome Version 87.0.4280.88 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Flash player: Adobe Flash Player v3.26
Operating system: Windows 10 Home v20H2, Build: 19042.68.5
Screen resolution:1920x1080, 60.000Hz refresh rate
Account name: Eldenisa Tiege
Forum Wiki Bug 12192020 (2).png

Eldenisa Tiege

Active Member
I've been using Kaspersky Anti virus for several months but I'm sure I've accessed the wiki since I installed it. I will pause it to see if I can then access the wiki.

Eldenisa Tiege

Active Member
That was the problem. Actually it is the adblocker part of the antivirus program. I will see if I can allow Elvenar to be bypassed by the program.
Thank you. I would never have thought that was the problem