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Open Can't claim Sorcerer's Pilgrimage reward on Android


New Member
The "Claim" button to collect reward for completing 5 tasks has no effect.

When tapped the button animates and generates a "click" sound fx but does not actually claim the reward.

On Android, Galaxy S9.


Well-Known Member
Did you check your inventory to see if it was in there? It's possible that it wouldn't be the first thing you see. They sometimes put it at the end of the items for that chapter, rather than at the beginning.


New Member
It remains highlighted.

I can then play on PC and verify that the button is still there, ready to pressed.


Well-Known Member
I had a similar issue in Air Traders. I could not claim anything when I was on mobile at work. Fortunately once I got home from work and got on PC the issue went away.


Well-Known Member
It has happened to me several times (also Android), and each time I either got it after a dozen or two rapid taps, or after claiming the next quest I was able to get it.


Well-Known Member
I grab them on my android by clicking the actual reward itself rather than the claim button. Not the way it is supposed to be, but works anyway