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Can't load fellowship or chat from Linux computer?


So I reported the issue via the ticket system, and they were unable to help, so I was wondering if maybe anyone else had encountered this and what they did to fix it....

So I play in Chrome on a Linux machine running Ubuntu. I have the newest versions of Chrome and flash. When I load the game if I click on the little fellowship icon that displays your members, nothing happens and if I click on the chat it just always says "Loading chat history..." and never loads.

If I visit a city of someone NOT in my fellowship, and click on the fellowship icon there, I can load all the info about THEIR fellowship just fine and see their memberlist and everything. If I visit and member of MY fellowship and click on their fellowship icon, nothing happens, just the same as if I try to load it in my city.

As per my ticket, I cleared my cache and entire browser history/cookies/saved data/application data, etc. And I also cleared my all saved data from Flash and my flash cache. I have restarted the computer a few times as well. This all started about a week before the Snow Flurry event, with the update that added some of the features like seeing the stars below the troops in battle and stuff.

Has anyone found a fix? Or has anyone at least experienced something similar?